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what our customers are saying ;

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What Our Customers are Saying...

Great Bags, made in America!

I was first exposed to a Wiggy's sleeping bag when one was issued to me (Army) around two thousand. I had it for a few years and was impressed by the warmth. I also noticed the artisanship and that it maintained its fill and seams despite repeated use.

Years later, when I was replacing my personal sleeping bag, and getting one for my son, I decided to go with Wiggy's. I love that they're American-made, and I already know that the artisanship is superior. A final selling point is that when you compare Wiggy's to other American-made bags, they're less than one-half the cost!

– David Lloyd

This morning when I turned on my computer the above email appeared. David thank you so much for your story.

For years and it is literally 36 years I have received emails from former active duty soldiers who were issued my sleeping bags [many received the two bag system so I say bags] who put them through hell as happens when you are on active duty and they always performed. Many still use them for years after they retired from the military.

All who had my bags have been buying them for their own sons. In some cases, their sons now are on active duty but have not been issued my bags so dad is buying one for them.

Here I would like to point out that those who have served and issued my bags were special forces versus regular army. Many bought my bags while on active duty for their families when they went camping.

As I see it the way things have turned out the army has been good for me.


While I am offering thanks, I cannot forget the winter boot part of the footwear industry.

For 50 years I have written about the absurdity of thinsulate being an insulating medium. All I am sorry to say to no avail. 3-m corp. is large company and they persuaded boot manufacturers to use their product even though it does not work. Case in point is the winter boot industry.

This industry has been making boots with thinsulate for probably 40 years now and for 40 years buyers of winter boots with thinsulate insulation [? Is it really insulation] have had cold feet in not so cold conditions?

Probably 20 years ago I decided to call each boot company who was shown in the Cabela’s catalog advertising their boot [various models] would perform to a staggering -100 degrees. I asked how the boots were evaluated and never received an answer. But, one year later these boots seen in the Cabela’s catalog had no mention of temperature capability.

The past two years sales of out muk luks and over boots have increased substantially.

Even though it is now the beginning of spring we are still getting orders specifically for over boots. I expect this trend to continue. I was viewing the winter boot selection on the internet today and was not surprised to see virtually all of the winter boots using thinsulate as their insulation [?]. I was not surprised to see these boots also had goretex lining in them as well. Since both of these components are incorporated in these boots that means the wearers of these boots on cold days [between +25 F and -15 F] will have cold feet.

At this point, I offer my thanks to the companies that insist upon keeping their heads you know where who continue to use thinsulate because buyers of these boots may very well become Wiggy customers for over boots as many have in the past two years.

These buyers will also be helped if they stop using the wool socks that absorb and retain sweat and switch to Lamilite socks that do not absorb moisture, having the Lamilite socks and over boots they will be guaranteed to have warm feet. 

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