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I (82 years old) ordered a Wiggy's TV blanket in September of twenty-one, and gave it to a lady ( a spry 78 year old) who was just an acquaintance. She has been extremely impressed with the TV blanket and uses it in her recliner and on her bed at night. This began a relationship that will allow me to reclaim my TV blanket in a few days when we are married. It is utterly amazing what a Wiggy's product can do for you.

Thankyou Wiggy. You have made two people incredibly happy.


Will John buy another for himself?

Gore continues to get into the outerwear business because the outerwear marketing companies aren’t using goretex as they did years ago, read on.

Gore-Tex Launches Outerwear on Demand

Posted by SGB Media | Feb 7, 2022 | Apparel, Outdoor, SGB Updates, Update

Gore-Tex has launched a performance apparel rental program. The company’s “Outerwear on Demand” service offers customers in North America a rental option for its snowsports apparel at 15 resorts and retail locations.

If there were a demand for outerwear made with goretex laminated materials what gore is doing they wouldn’t be doing. Reality has set in at the gore corporate headquarters brainstorming ways they can use their bogus material and since their sales of their bogus material has deteriorated, they are again making a move to enter the outerwear world. There is no ‘’outerwear on demand” to the best of my knowledge; but gore likes to say things that are generally ridiculous.

They must not have any confidence in the outerwear they are having made in Asia, most likely China, since you can rent a jacket to see if you like it and of curse the rental fee would be applied to the purchase price, I suspect.

I also suspect the garments delivered to these stores are most likely on consignment. I otherwise believe the store owners would not take them in.

The locations include:

1.Jackson Hole Sports, Teton Village, WY

2.Hoback Sports, Jackson, WY

3.Wasatch Powder House, Salt Lake City, UT

4.Motherlode Powder House, Alta, UT

5.Deep Powder House, Alta, UT

6.Rustler Powder House, Alta, UT

7.Snowpine Powder House, Alta, UT

8.Christy Sports, Dillon, Avon, Breckenridge and Denver West, CO

9.Limelight Aspen and Limelight Snowmass, Aspen, CO

10.Evo, Denver, CO; Evo Sportstop, Whistler, BC

Gore-Tex said it plans to grow the program and add more locations in the coming seasons.

I suppose if gore can show these retailers made money with their bogus product other retailers will buy into the program. Also, if these retailers can’t get product from former suppliers, they will buy from someone regardless of if the product is good or not as in the case of goretex they will take the stuff in on consignment. Gore is bigger than almost all of the outerwear sellers so they can do this consignment business. Someplace in the back of my mind if I remember correctly, they did something like this with manufacturers years ago to put goretex on the market.

The program provides garment inventory services for participating resorts/retailers. For consumers, with a rental, garments undergo a multi-point inspection after which they are locally cleaned to “lessen the carbon footprint of shipping,” then repackaged for the next customer’s use.

Sounds like consignment to me. I am surprised they do no say garments are for sale as well.

“Gore-Tex Outerwear on Demand is the best choice for user convenience, performance to match specific conditions and the next step in making it easier than ever to enjoy winter activities in legendary Gore technology without owning or transporting multiple garments,” said Chris Brennan, product specialist, Innovation, Fabrics Division, Gore-Tex. “We’ve set out to create a very technical, very durable line of clothing that will stand up to frequent use and cleaning providing consumers the Gore-Tex product experience and a convenient alternative to purchasing when it comes to outfitting themselves for winter adventure.”

This last paragraph tells you that they want to get into the outerwear business in a manner never done before. They are highly creative thinkers in how to get their product to market. In years past they tried and failed and I believe this time they will also fail. They do not understand the small retail shops are a dying bread all of which listed are.


The company that makes this genius insulation is located in Italy. The company as far as I know processes chopped staple fiber. Chopped staple fibers have been intertwining since day one when they were put on staple fiberfill making machines. The fibers are not stable unless they are bonded.

What you are about to read could have been written by the gore staff for them. Maybe they can sell the “genius” polyester fiberfill to ralph loren to stuff in the spaces of his intelligent insulation. Now read about it.

Ecodown® Fibers Genius is the next step into making free fibers a

global platform for apparel. When used in a garment, Ecodown®  Fibers Genius allows the fibers to intertwine, thus creating an even and stable layer of insulation. This specially engineered structure of fibers minimizes cold spots and clumping. A technology so powerful, it will turn any skeptic into a free fibre enthusiast

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