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Wiggy’s fan for life

I have purchased several Wiggy’s items over the years- both types of overboots for my wife and I, Renegade Mitten for me, 2 sets of Super Mitten for friends, and the Antarctic Parka for my wife. My wife is tall and slim with long arms, so I called and Jerry answered the phone. He recommended a custom parka with medium sized body and large sized arms. It cost the same as a standard parka and fit my wife perfectly. Since buying her that coat (several years ago), she has never been cold. We live in the upper peninsula of Michigan and a couple of years ago it got down to -35º with wind-chill of -50º. She was toasty warm regardless of how long she was outside. All of the items we have purchased still look and feel brand new and there has been no degradation in performance.

My hands don't get cold very often, but I decided I didn't want to worry about it anymore. With the Renegade Mitten, my hands are always warm. I also like the separate index finger. It allows dexterity which is impossible with regular mittens, and, as noted in the description, there is room in the mitten part for the index finger to maintain optimal warmth. Two male friends have complained about cold hands so I loaned my mittens to them- they love them and are planning on getting their own.

I recommend Wiggy’s to everyone I talk to here in the UP. Outstanding performance, quality, and service. Doesn't get any better than that.

– John Maesaka

The best cold weather parka I have ever owned!!

For the past 30 years, I have used the Goretex-Thinsulate combination to keep warm in cold weather. One thing that I have always noticed is that if I stay in the weather for more any length of time, I am always clammy and chilled on the inside. I wrote this off as a condition of cold weather gear. Not anymore. I got my Wiggy's Antarctic Parka yesterday and the weather was in the teens. I took off everything except my jeans and my knit shirt. I put on the parka and went outside. All parts of my body that were under that parka were super warm... I never ever got a chill and I was in weather that hovered around 12˚ F PLUS wind. I was "snug as a bug" and it blew me away. I wish I would have known about Wiggy's 30 years ago when I was in the military!

I own multiple sleeping bags, mittens, fish net underwear, booties, multiple Lamilite socks, a jacket liner (which is so comfortable, I just wear it around the house at night before bed time) and I own his new boots. All of these products are top notch and I am so sorry for the military soldiers and Marines that don't have these products for the field. I remember freezing my butt off during winter but I don't freeze anymore. Great job, Jerry! Keep building it in America!!

– Chris Craigie

Receiving testimonials of this nature just never gets old.

You name the famous known brand names that serve the general public with various insulated products such as mentioned in the above testimonials and understand that I approached all of them in years past showing them Lamilite.

Do you think these companies IF they used Lamilite would have comparable insulated products with me of course they would so long as they use the proper weight of Lamilite. Brand names aside Lamilite will work for every company that uses it. Unfortunately they pretty much blatantly refuse to use it. So they do not get testimonials at all expressing good results as I do.

From what I read in the industry publications the powers to be at these companies have greater concern with politics and talking about how they are so concerned about foot prints. They have a big push these days referencing how they follow the lives of ducks and geese who voluntarily give up their lives so companies like Patagonia can make down jackets. They have a paper trail showing all of the steps taken before the birds are placed on the sacrificial alter. As for the products they market, they could care less in my opinion.

I am very pleased as you can imagine when these testimonials arrive so I can share them with one and all. Customers of Wiggy’s have far and away become the bestselling agents I could ever have; their testimonials have proven that I really do not have to advertise. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE WRITTEN THEM!!!!!!!

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