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The Only Non-Combustible Sleeping Bag

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Yesterday the newsletter did not contain the picture so I am re-sending this newsletter with additional information.


I hope the picture I have taken and printed at the top of this article is visible to all.

For the past two weeks I have had a very tough time dealing with insurance companies with respect to the materials I use to make my bags and clothing having to do with fire risk. So, I took a blow torch and a sleeping bag and showed Kok why I have always said our sleeping bags are basically flame retardant because they are made from materials that are NOT combustible.

While the flame was burning the nylon and Lamilite it was not moving sideways and when I shut the flame off ALL BURNING came to an end. When you investigate the socket that was made you can see the nylon at the bottom of the bag is still untouched.

When Wiggy’s sleeping bags are used, they are flat on the ground and as such they are a noncombustible product.

Over the years I have seen a few bags retuned to me because someone put the bag to close to a fire. I noted the nylon melted away from the circular foot end of the bag and the Lamilite was just scorched. The incidence in 32 years is less than the fingers on one hand.

Shortly I will make a video demonstrating exactly what happens when you put a blow torch to the materials. I intend to use new bags.

Keep in mind ALL the materials are use are PURE FINISH which means there are no chemicals added to the materials which includes a flame-retardant chemical. It is my understanding that all the bags sold at rei are flame retardant treated. If this is so, that means the companies that supply them with bags also supply the other retailers with these same bags. This is what has been told to me by many of the women that call and ask if the Wiggy’s bags are treated with flame retardants. One insurance company representative suggested fr chemicals on the fabric and I said if you want a real claim ensure a company that makes fr treated sleeping bags. Of course, these young inexperience people do not know about tris with its toxic fumes.

I wonder if any other company making “no sleep sleeping bags” would follow me with their video.

The picture seem shown is a black hunter super light bag that I used and will show it in the video with a second bag that I will burn.

The military is always asking for textile products that are not flammable, I wonder if they will ask the companies that they buy their “no sleep sleeping bags” from to demonstrate that their bags do not support combustion as I will show shortly in a video.

Researching if there are any bedding sleeping bag rules and/or regulations and I could only find test methods of various types with use of gas burners and different levels of flame, I guess. This reminds me of the copper manikin used for temperature ratings. Both activities are nonsense.

My test method is to use the bag in the field and if it has a certain weight and a comparable temperature rating and it works to keep you warm, then whatever the weight of the bag is then that is what works at that temperature.

As for flammability just put the bag on the ground and put a flame to it and see what happens. In the case of bags made by Wiggy’s they self-extinguish themselves once the source of the flame is removed; i.e. as I removed the blow torch.

One more time Wiggy’s is the leader of improved performing sleeping bags in the world, and I am proud of that accomplishment.

Several years ago I worked with the air force on a new vacuum packed survival kit for the B-52 bombers. Subsequently the kit was also installed on the B-1, B-2 and numerous fighter air craft. They wanted the Multicam camo material and when I told them it was available in a flame retardant state they said we want it that way. now I knew back then the Lamilite was also a non-combustible material but it never dawned on me to say that. The upshot of this is that all of the Wiggy components installed in the ejection seat survival kit are non-combustible products.


  1. rapid oxidation accompanied by heat and, usually, light.
  2. chemical combination attended by production of heat and light.

There is no rapid burning that takes place with a Lamilite insulated product. I will be video taping on Saturday where you will see that sideways burning does not occur, it just ends its burning in place. I have been told that even a durable water repellent may have flammable capability, I do not know if this is true, but I do know if chemicals are mixed together they help each to burn. One more reason if I needed one to only use pure finish fabrics. The textile world is having a love affair with chemicals that are supposed to do something good, i say good riddance. to all chemicals. 

Remember the solicitation from Natick for hand wear capable of working from 40 above zero to 60 below zero and one of the requirements was that the hand wear not burn. Do you think if they read this article they will contact me; HELL NO!!! So, all of you folks who are buying my extreme cold weather mittens now know they will not support combustion.


The cold spells are coming earlier this year than in the past, that tells me we are in for a longer winter and yes it will probably be colder than normally experienced because the earth will not have as much time to recover so we will most likely have a sustained cold. I am a believer that the earth IS going to do what ever it wants regardless of humanity. 

One last mention; all of the supplex sweaters ($120.00) and vests ($80.00) are on sale on the web site. They are being permanently replaced with the Ducksback fabric garments.

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