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DISCONTINUED PRODUCTSThis afternoon Kok came to me with a list of products in inventory. I have put the list on the web site for purchasing.All products are first quality and cannot be returned. It is all sales final.From time to time I will list products on this page on the web site with what ever we find in inventory [...]

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keeping feet warm

KEEPING YOUR FEET WARMJerry, I was going thru my equipment getting ready for bow season (whitetail deer in Texas) when it came to footwear. It can be hot down here in south Texas and my usual hunting boots are old G.I. jungle boots. Well, not much sole left on them so I started looking thru my stash. I found an [...]

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heating yourself and drying

MORE SUPPORT OF HEATING YOUR SELF AND DRYING WHAT YOU ARE WEARINGJerry,Got caught in a summer rain early one morning. My shirt was soaked. Came inside and sat down at computer and thought air conditioning would dry me out. After a few minutes I discovered I was not only wet, but now cold too. Got up to put on [...]

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LACK OF HEAT MOVEMENT OUT OF A WIGGY’S BAGI recently published an article about moisture moving out of a Wiggy’s bag in the form of vapor but the heat produced by the person in the bag did not go with the moisture. “MOVEMENT OF MOISTURE FROM WIGGY’S INSULATED PRODUCTS”.A more detailed explanation of why the heat that you produce while [...]

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KUDOS TO THE “AMERICAN” TEXTILE INDUSTRYThe pandemic we are now living with exploded on the scene 6 months ago.It has damaged our economy (I know the world economy as well, but I prefer to only think about our economy for now) but since its inception the textile industry has responded in a manner that must be applauded!!!I have been reading [...]

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movement of moisture from Wiggy insulated products

WHY DOES MOISTURE ESCAPE A WIGGY’S PRODUCT BUT THE HEAT DOESN’T?Since I have been making the Wiggy’s line of sleeping bags and cold weather outer wear there has been one constant; moisture that being the perspiration coming out of the body of the persons using these products from Wiggy’s has escaped through the insulation to form as either liquid or [...]

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insulation and stupidity

INSULATION AND STUPIDITYSince there are no records dating how long ago humans discovered the benefit of using the down from birds it wasn’t until the 1950’s that companies started to look at a synthetic material (polyester and in one case nylon fiber) to copy and replace down as an insulating medium.The industry started out making a two-inch chopped staple [...]

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making an obsolete product

THE NEWEST AND GREATEST OBSOLETE INSULATIONI received the sample of this newest obsolete insulation I previously mentioned. It is called VIVO. It came from England where it is made via an international air carrier. It was packaged as if it were an incredibly valuable commodity.That said what I saw was a chopped staple fiberfill batting made from fine denier fibers [...]

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good morning testimonials

GOOD MORNING WIGGY’SIt is Saturday morning and when I went trough my emails the following was one of them. when you read it, you will understand why I am passionate about the products that we make at Wiggy’s especially the sleeping bags.Jerry, We have met several times over the years, and it is always a pleasure. I have been [...]

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i am flattered

COPYING THE TRADE NAME LAMILITEThis morning I was reading the SGB email of which I get two per day and I saw that the lamo company is now calling their footwear lamolite.You may recall that Mountain Hardwear came out with a line of sleeping bags or I should say “no sleep sleeping bags” which proved that is how they perform [...]

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