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still the lie goes on

THE LIE CONTINUESThe following comments were taken directly from the September online issue of SNEWS OUTDOORS whose motto is “WE KNOW OUTDOORS”. They eulogized all of the patents attributed to Bob Gore and of course his inventing of the ptfe film laminated to nylon fabric to make what never worked, a waterproof and breathable material. What he did foster [...]

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more about the military and socks

ELABORATEI just published an article titled “insanity” which I believe is what the military is approaching with respect to how best to keep a soldier’s feet warm or better said from freezing while operating in cold or arctic conditions.Those responsible for providing the soldier with appropriate footwear specifically socks for starters either have no knowledge of what they are looking [...]

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INSANITYI have said it before and I’ll say it again; “according to Einstein doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity”. Every year DLA awards a contract to a different company making socks for socks for the soldiers; why? because the socks received the previous year did not perform as described [...]

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ASSOCIATIONSI receive SECIALTY FABRICS REVIEW each month and the September issue is interesting. They have an article about some products made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 safe return to earth. The company making this stuff is Rumpl. They are located in Portland, Oregon. That is the headquarters. I doubt that they have a factory there or [...]

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they just keep coming

Jerry,I'm always trying to get you to sell me something cheaper- so I will grab stuff on sale, but.... ... at the end of the day, I have never regretted buying any of your stuff, even at full price. I finally parted with my desert camo poncho liner, gave it to my former first sergeant, so I will be back [...]

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an incredible testimonial

Dear Jerry,You've made an old man very happy. The custom Fossil Ridge hood is PERFECT. The outer snaps are just right for the L-12 liner; the inner snaps for the L-6 liner. It's difficult to find the precise words to adequately convey my depth of gratitude for the custom work you just performed for me. No [...]

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diverse subjects

CONGRATS FLOODED IN, SO THANKS TO ONE AND ALL.The following three I felt were worth publishing.I have been following you for a few years now and you have opened my eyes to the incredible amount of disinformation, otherwise known as public relations/ marketing surrounding the outdoor clothing and camping industry. As we say in my neck of the woods - Mazal [...]

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33rd anniversary

33 YEARS OF WIGGY’SLabor Day weekend is the start of 33 years of Wiggy’s operating in Grand Junction, Colorado. Actually, I incorporated in April of 1988. Today Kok, Pum and I had a traditional Peking duck in celebration.The time has gone by incredibly fast, when I started making the Wiggy’s bags in Columbia, S.C. I never thought this [...]

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breathable and water repellent.

EVERYTHING IS BREATHABLE TODAY AND SUDDENLYFor the past to or three years I have heard on tv commercials for underwear that the underwear manufactures are now making breathable underwear. What have they been making for the past 100 plus years?Ever since gore falsely educated the general that they had a waterproof “breathable” material the rest of the garment sellers latched on [...]

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Kok told me we had a number of Supplex vests and sweaters in inventory. Here is the list of sizes and colors available.They will be on the web site for you to order. The vests are $60.00 each and the sweaters are $90.00 each.They are all first quality. VESTS---SMALL9-WOODLAND2-OD1-NAVY1-MARPAT9-ACULARGE1—BLACK1—ACUEXTRA LARGE5—WOODLAND2—ACU2XLARGE1-BLACK2==ACU3XLARGE1—MULTICAM3-OD4-ACUSWEATERSSMALL1—ODMEDIUM8—OD3—ACU2-COYOTE1—BLACKLARGE16 NAVY3 BLACK2 OD3 MARPATXLARGE4 OD9 NAVY4 [...]

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