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update to shipping

SHIPPING NOTICE: Due to high order volume, please allow up to 10 business days for your order to ship from our factory.

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down under

FROM DOWN UNDERGood Morning,I just wanted to write a quick note to you Jerry to thank you for your dedicated efforts to educate consumers over so many years. I have watched your videos and read many of the documents posted on your website. This information is at times hard to penetrate and takes the reader some time to get [...]

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vacuum packed sleeping bags

A TESTIMONIAL THE U.S. MARINE CORP SHOULD READDear Wiggys,I purchased your center zip military 25 degree sleeping bag last week. It is the first bag I have ever used with a claimed temp rating that isn’t full of shit. I live in Wyoming and every night in the last week has been from 27 down to 19 degrees. [...]

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more about Ducksback

MORE EXPERIENCES WITH DUCKSBACK JACKETSHi Jerry, This note is long overdue. I have your sleeping bags, DUCKSBACK Sweater and Zippered Jacket, jacket liner, fishnets, boots and socks. All products are durable, washable and perform as you say. Here's one experience with the DUCKSBACK Zippered Jacket. In May 2019, I was shooting sporting clays at a range in [...]

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fishnets, ducksback and overboots

FISHNETS AND DUCKSBACKHi Jerry,Went jogging today in 54° weather in a pouring rain. The few walkers and joggers there all eventually left as the rain intensified. I was the last man standing and finished my workout. I wore the fishnet top and second layer, light nylon shirt and Alaska Range Parka shell in Ducksback. I was comfortable - not [...]

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SUPPLYING A SLEEPING BAG FOR THE INDIAN ARMYIn mid-summer I received a call from a civilian I believe working at the army base in Red Stone Arsenal inquiring about my Antarctic sleeping bag noting the national stock number (NSN). A quantity of 15000 not mentioning where they were going. The following day I received a call from a woman in [...]

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a baby bunting

THE LIFE OF A BABY BUNTINGStill Loving the BuntingI got a baby bunting for my first daughter and she just recently grew out of it at 2 1/2 years old (she's very petite for her age) but now my youngest of 2 months is using it and is a snug little bug and big sister loves seeing her [...]

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A WORD TO THE WISE WHO RUN OUTDOOR OR ADJUDICATED KID PROGRAM.I have been using Wiggy’s Ultima Thule -20 sleeping bags for the past 20 years for an adventure program at a boarding school in Maine . Here’s why I won’t use anything else: : They last forever. Most, if not all, of the bags we purchased 20 years ago [...]

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THE BOAT FOOTHi, just wanted to reach out and thank you for such well-made and thought out products. I have had your super light bag for more years than I can remember, and it is still a pleasure to use. First bag I have ever had that I cannot remember a single night I woke up cold. Only bag [...]

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NIKE and GOREThe pandemic has created several maybe new customers for gore, nike being one. This being one of them, recently I read about another company that has been in business for several years in Jackson, Wyoming that makes skiwear now using the goretex. But nike has been around as long as gore but to the best of my [...]

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