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ordering wiggy parkas

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I have noted on the web site that people should call when wanting to order one of my parkas to make sure of proper sizing.

The reason is because the weight of the Lamilite used in each parka varies but the patterns do not.

Since inception of the Antarctic parka the weight of the Lamilite has been the L-12.Until recently I weighed 210 pounds and wore an extra-large parka. I have trimmed down to 192 pounds and now I wear a large. However if I were to wear an Urban Ducksback Antarctic Parka with the Lamilite L-8 insulation I would wear a large. Since the insulation is thinner it takes up less space so the proper size for me would be a large.

The same holds true for the Barren Grounds parka. Why because the insulation used is the Lamilite L-6.

Most all of my parkas are made to order, yes sometimes I do have some inventory but it is limited. Because the bulk of my parka production is custom it is for this reason that I encourage people to consider ordering prior to the fall season. I also encourage potential customers to call so I can ask some questions to make sure the proper size is ordered.

I just noted that the Urban Ducksback Antarctic parka is on sale at this time for $275.00 and will be on sale until September 30, 2019, a really good deal. Last winter sales were exceptional for a new parka from Wiggy’s which a very pleasant surprise was.


Sustainability is the outdoor industry’s warmest and fuzziest buzzword, but the movement has fallen short on two points: It’s only really made headway in apparel, and it’s mired in green-washed marketing speak. Osprey has decided to tackle both.

There is no headway with apparel. Most of the apparel that you can buy today is lucky to last one season, so how do they equate that with sustainability.

Osprey—which, according to NPD data is the leader in technical, travel, and hydration packs—has just announced a plan to revamp every aspect of its sustainability strategy. Its goal: “to become the leading hardgoods brand in sustainability in the world,” says Senior Product Line Director Mark Galbraith.

Osprey is only referring to their use of water repellent treatments applied to their fabrics. Nonsense in my opinion. Maybe they should concentrate on the quality of the fabrics that they use. Maybe if they use better quality materials their packs will last longer than a year or two. But the reality is the need that they have to change styles so the products are phased out before they can wear out.

I have been reading these articles for 5 years or long and keep thinking that sustainable products last for 25 years or longer. I really do not know the life expectancy of my sleeping bags but I do know they are the epitome of sustainable products. Sleeping bags are in the category known as “hardgoods” and therefore I believe my products are the most “sustainable” hardgoods products in the world.

The only reason you probably haven’t heard about those efforts? Osprey has kept things like their conservation giving program, carbon offsets, and recycled packaging pretty quiet on purpose.

“There’s a lot of distrust out there,” Galbraith says. “So we try to way overperform, underclaim, and have third-party verification for everything we’re doing.” But as issues of warming climate and environmental toxicity become more critical, the time has come to be a little more outspoken.

It seems to me if this sustainability is so important they would want one and all to know about their efforts to offer sustainable products.But they apparently do not know what they are doing suggested by the fact that they need third party verification. Without the third party verification they obviously do not know what they are doing.

This is rampant throughout the industry as I have previously noted. I see the industry as a joke.

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