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vacuum packed sleeping bags

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Dear Wiggys,

I purchased your center zip military 25 degree sleeping bag last week. It is the first bag I have ever used with a claimed temp rating that isn’t full of shit. I live in Wyoming and every night in the last week has been from 27 down to 19 degrees. Your bag performs as advertised and is comfortable in while sleeping with a minimum base layer. I spent over 20 years in the Marines and most of it in the infantry. I spent a lifetime before, during, and after hiking, camping, and hunting on my own time. I have used high end down bags and other synthetics and NONE of them performed as advertised without extensive supplemental layering. Thank you for your product.

Postscript: Why hasn’t anyone ever designed a bag with a coyote ruff? I really believe it would benefit a colder temp bag - even the center zip military I purchased. Maybe even a detachable one for ease of care?

Respectfully Submitted,


Tate thank you for the report about the performance of the center zip bag. I appreciate your comments about what were called sleeping bags you previously used that were sold at the time as bogus products. Thanks again.

As for putting a fur ruff around the face opening of a sleeping bag would hold 100 percent of the moisture you breath out and if cold enough it will freeze. it would therefore not be a benefit, but detrimental.


Today a received a call from a guy who lives in Homer, Alaska and owns a small plane. He wanted to have for emergency purposed two sleeping bags vacuum packed.

I recommended the ULTIMA THULE.

The reason for a minus 20 degree bag is simple. If you have to ditch your plane and survive with some personal damage your body functions are compromised. You do not know how long you may be where-ever you are before being found. The sleeping bag becomes the retainer of your body heat! Even if you are in a warm climate if you lose heat you go into shock and by retaining your own heat for as long as possible your chances of survival are better. Being in this bag will not only retain your body heat more efficiently than a lesser rated Wiggy bag but will slow your loss of heat because it cannot escape the bag easily. The reason our HYPOTHERMIA bag works so well is because it does retain the victims own heat so well.

There are 10,000 bush pilots in Alaska and each year a few go down and, in most cases, they probably survive the crash but not necessarily the elements. There are many more pilots in the lower 48 and sometimes they crash, so even though the weather is warmer, heat loss does take its toll.

Just think about the fact that all of the Wiggy’s bags have been tested in extreme conditions and all have performed in some cases in temperatures well below what I rate the bags for by the U.S. Airforce and as a result Wiggy’s supplies the Airforce with all of their vacuum packed survival kits. This is one of my proudest accomplishments.

My customer in Homer wanted two bags so, at my recommendation ordered one with a right side zipper and one with a left side zipper. The reason is simple with the bags joined then there is the heat of two bodies working together. This is very beneficial if the parties are injured. Regardless of the temperature if you lose too much body heat you will go into shock.

When you go into the bush the single most important piece of equipment that you take with you is your sleeping bag. Wiggy’s sleeping bags are I believe the only sleeping bags manufactured today. They not only perform at the temperature rating I have applied to them, but they also are oblivious to water so if they do get wet, they still perform as expected. Survival is survival whether it is a plane crash or getting hurt on the trail, accidents do happen.

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