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A New Location

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1132 N.W. Newport Ave.
Bend, Oregon 97702
Contact: Doug Hoschek - [Email]

I have known Doug for 40 plus years and he is extremely knowledgeable of all that I do. He was responsible for Polar Guard being put on the market and later he was the creator of Polar Fleece. He has lived in the NW since the early 70’s and has been an outdoorsman all these years. So if you live in Oregon you now have a location to see the Wiggy’s products.

For the past 8 years we have had the Wiggy’s Alaska store. This store sells on average 2000 sleeping bags each year and I am confident that Doug will do the same if not better since he is serving a larger population. If any of you are interested in opening a Wiggy’s location in your state drop me a line or call.


It was just a matter of time before a company would come out with “1000 fill power down” and it has supposedly happened. The company is Patagonia. How are they doing this since down clusters do not grow that large naturally, by coating the follicles that make up a down cluster with and I quote “a plasma-based coating to create water –repellent down with unparalleled fill power of 1000.” This is accomplished by coating the follicles so they are straightened I guess, otherwise how could the cluster increase in size to increase the fill power? I do not believe it. I also do not believe the other companies that have been selling down filled products and claiming they are using 850 fill power down have ever had 850 fill power down.

Unfortunately those in charge of developing products of an insulated nature do not understand that the larger the down cluster if it existed would not only make a lighter product but a less insulated product. If you place 500 fill power down in a space that is 5 inches high by 30 inches long and 6 inches wide that had a weight of one ounce it would have a specific density. If you were to actually have a 1000 fill power down and placed ½ ounce in the same space from the outside it would look exactly the same, but would it work the same? The answer is an unequivocal NO! The answer is simple you would have ½ the density so warm air rising through the down would have less material to slow the warm air movement. Ultimately less weight and less insulation. Is it any wonder why people are and have been for quite a while been complaining that their expensive down bags have not been keeping them warm when used when the temperature is what the bag is rated fore?

As for the process that the down is being subjected too it is done by a company known as AeronClad and they apply a plasma polymerization to the down clusters. Hence the name “Encapsil” technology. This reminds me of the encapsulated paraffin otherwise known as Outlast. This product also is supposed to have insulating properties.

It would not surprise me to see Patagonia come out with a line of sleeping bags as well as the jackets they are already going to introduce next year. Because Patagonia has a strong name in the market place I expect they will sell some of these garments and sleeping bags if the come out with them. Buyer beware is all I can say.

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