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a new bogus product

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NexTex Innovations, an Atlanta-based textile technology developer, will introduce its latest fabric developments and brand customer adoptions under its TDry brand name at OR Snow Show, Booth #4009, January 10-12, in Salt Lake City, UT.

I was introduced to this company 25/30 years ago when they produced a coating of some sort that was tiny synthetic beads and they said it was water-proof breathable. I knew the president who sent me a few yards to work with making rain jackets. It did not work but they pressed on. They had some military business but whatever the fabric application is to the best of my knowledge does not exist. But they have pressed on with other fabric applications that I have no knowledge of until today when I read this article. What perked my interest was this TDry application.

Falling under the TDry brand umbrella is a portfolio of fabrics—synthetics, naturals, blends, and elastics—encompassing TDry technology, including TurboWick, TurboWarm, TurboDry, and more.

TDry technology is a patent-pending fabric construction that uses “the same capillary forces as the root systems in trees and moves moisture away from the skin, keeping users dry, comfortable and more equipped to maintain their core body temperature efficiently.”

As you have just read this TDry application applied to all different materials will “wick moisture” keep you “warm” and of course “dry.” Imagine it causes “ the same capillary forces as the root systems in trees, etc.” Because of all of the knowledge I have acquired over the past 60 years I have been in the textile business dealing with how to stay warm and dry I am not capable of imagining what they claim.

“We’ve received tremendous positive feedback from our brand partners and ambassadors regarding TDry performance since we launched the technology in 2020,” said Chad Lawrence, NexTex CEO.

If this TDry application has been in use since 2020 I have not heard of it. I receive various publications serving the outdoor industry such as SGB and until I saw a small headline in SGB yesterday I never knew of TDry and of what it is capable.

Chad Lawrence, I believe does not have a clue that what he is selling does not work as is promoted in this article. He as well as those who work for him have no knowledge of physics which simplified says what they claim does not work. Over the years since the introduction of goretex a multitude of companies have tried to come out with their own waterproof breathable material and all were equal to gore which did not nor has it ever worked. Then companies like this one have come out with fabrics that can wick moisture and it cannot be done unless of course the fabric is either cotton, silk or wool. This company is talking about synthetics and even natural materials, and the natural fabric does not need any of this chemical applied to it.

I did visit their web site thinking they would have a list customer, not the case. Just one more company making noise but nothing more. They are new to the list of bogus suppliers of products serving the outdoor industry.

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