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Hi Jerry,

I’ve been spreading “the word” since I’ve had so much success with your products. I’ve been to your shop twice now. A good buddy of mine from Bozeman, Montana was looking for warm outerwear that he could using during scouting trips. I recommended your Ducksback sweater. He’s an expert outdoorsman and extreme hiker. I also recommended your socks for he and his wife who, by the way, has circulation problems. He purchased a sweater and several pairs of socks. I’m sure he’ll be happy. Will let you know how he makes out but I’m confident of the outcome!


Thank you and have a nice day!


All I can say is, is that Bill is located I believe in upstate N.Y.

The number of people who have been recommending Wiggy’s products over these past 30 plus years is quite significant. I believe I will start publicizing the emails I get from customers who do the same as Bill.

 I am very appreciative of one and all who have done that.


  1. Not Merely Survival, But Comfort!

    This morning I spent about an hour walking outside here in Northern New Mexico. As the sun rose the temperature hovered around 0°F. I was totally comfortable. My gear was 100% Wiggy's but for skivvies and an old pair of Key Logger's jeans. But the package was very light! It consisted of mesh underwear (upper and lower), mesh base layer top, Lamilite socks and lined chukka boots, a jacket liner, a Ducksback balaclava, and a "boomerang" handwarmer. That's it! Yes, it was still air and dry, but I've never felt so warm at that temp with so little gear. Perfect.
    Wiggy's begins with the unalterable fact that the human body is a "water engine." Any technology or philosophy of outdoor gear which ignores this fact or works against it is doomed to failure. It's my regret that I didn't hook up with Wiggy's until I was near 70 years old but I have now and I'm not looking back. I've been going into the outdoors my whole life. I've done it for enjoyment but often it's been reduced to just surviving. That includes military experience under arctic conditions with sleeping bags constructed of cotton canvas and lumpy, wet duck's down. Now when I go out I'm dry and warm and don't look like the Michelin Man in camos. I come back having had a good time and ready for more. Some of the less costly Wiggy's items are real "home runs" like the mesh underwear, Lamilite socks and jacket liners. Try them! You'll wear the stuff everywhere and enjoy it. Wiggy is a bit cantankerous at times, but sometimes the truth has to be aggressive. This is especially true when most of the outdoor industry is filled with robbers, rapists and fashionistas who've never sleep a night on the ground.
    I encourage anyone to try a few of the smaller items. Test them out. I think you'll find yourself coming back for the best sleeping bag you will ever own. I have several and they are warm, tough and much laundered but look new. Then you can bear witness yourself. When your friends ask, you can tell them. "Buy Wiggy's; it works!"

    – Bill Rhoades

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