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an interesting experience

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This one arrived this morning.

Mr Wigutow,

As you know I own for both my wife son and myself sleeping bags (-40 systems), ground pads, insulated chaps, sweaters, Antarctic Ducksback urban parkas, socks, sleeping slippers, your 12" boots, over boots, mittens, head covers, fishnets including 2nd layer (which work exactly as described a warm layer of air under even just a dress shirt, no clamminess). Everything works exactly as described and I recommend your equipment on a regular basis to friends and family, even strangers I meet. That being said of all your video's the one I think is most impressive is the one about the insulation where chopped fiber tears apart readily and your Lamilite does not...(I’ll let you recall the name of the video as I do not know it off hand just watched it on your channel). Anyways thanks again. I'll be buying some leg jackets for my son who is stationed in N Dakota with Air Force to go with his parka (it was -30 last night. Do you make leg jackets that meet base requirements? (color etc. in specific that I should request? )


The video that Chad is referring to is the “Wiggy’s Insulation” the first one I did.

As for the leg jackets the black Ducksback will do fine. As it happens an Air Force member ordered a pair yesterday for his deployment in Europe.


In yesterday’s article I forgot to note what one customer told me about boot jackets which kept his feet warm in a tree stand that had a negative. If you shot an animal with gun or bow and it did not fall down but moved on you had to go after it. With the boot jackets you had to take them off to climb out of the tree stand and then descend. I wonder how many animals would disappear before you got out of the tree.

Wearing either over boots or muk luks, you climb out of the tree and go after the animal never needing to remove the over boots or muk luks. That is because the soles of my products are Vibram’s.


Since I told why I was without hair in the last video; the shingles caused me to shave my head and a large number of readers wrote to me giving me advice to look into that they received from friends who had the shingles. This out pouring of concern is very humbling and much appreciated. SO A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO WROTE TO ME!!! As I have noted the shingles is healing, however on Friday morning I experienced something from Cookie that was quite unexpected.

She was up at about 4 AM and left the bed to go outside. I do have a dog door so she can come and go as she likes. The yard is fenced in. I get up when she does and went to my computer to see what orders were coming in.

When I returned to bed she was up at the pillows as is usual, and I scratch her head, face, etc. and she will lick my hands. The surprise came when she started licking my head and left eye, the one with the nerve behind it that is annoying. She did this very aggressively for maybe 10 minutes, when she wants to do something to me, I never stop her.

When she finished, we went back to sleep and when I awoke, I had much fewer annoying feelings in the area affected by the shingles and it has gotten less since.

I have a friend who has a dog that lets him know about his low blood because he is a diabetic. He was once offered $20,000.00 for the dog; he did not sell. Anyway, I have as I am sure may of you have heard of a dog causing healing when its master is ailing, but to experience it as I like to think or was it a coincidence that it was healing anyway, I’ll never know. So, I give the credit to Cookie; PERIOD!!!


Fir sometime now I have been asked where they are made. I thought that was on the web site but when I looked today because someone asked, I found that information is not there. They are made in India.

I looked for a USA company to make them for my, but the cost was exorbitant, about $100.00 each. Then I learned that India is the worlds largest producer of stainless-steel kitchen ware. I found a company that could make the bottles and cups. So, I will have my web site guy add that information to the web site.


One of the beauties of making the same product year after year is the fact that you can build inventory all of the time. You do not have to introduce new styles to the sewing staff so there is no learning curve.

My staff is so experienced at making the products we make particularly the sleeping bags that I have had minimal increase in pricing over the years so the prices stay low which I know from comments from customers they can’t believe the quality of the bags for the price.

The end result at this time of year is our ability to ship mostly the day we get the order so long as it is before noon time in Colorado. I expect if someone were to call on December 22 and was willing to pay for overnight delivery, we would be able to accommodate them. 

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