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This latest insulation that I read about today is cutting edge. It comes from Toray a company that employs probably a thousand people all of whom are devoid of insulation knowledge. They have engaged an American company KUIU to use it in their line of hunting clothing. First is the Toray explanation of what their new insulation is.


From a global leader in cutting-edge fiber and textile technologies comes 3DeFX+. Toray's latest innovation combines proprietary insulation made from four coil-shaped fibers with an array of stretch fabrics. It provides flexibility and warmth and allows for freedom of movement like never before.

  • Four types of coil-shaped, spiraling yarns are the secret behind this unique stretch insulation.
  • The shell and liner can be selected from our proprietary stretch fabric for a wide range of applications.
  • Thicker, hollow-core yarns keep a high loft, trapping air to help retain warmth.

What you have just read is non-sensical or gibberish.

KUIU is using this stuff. They call their new hunting line proximity.

“The Proximity line is a big moment for us. KUIU customers have been requesting products for cold environments with a focus on silence for years, “ said Kevin Wilkerson, VP, brand marketing. “With cold weather whitetail-specific features such as a tree stand safety harness port and body-mapped insulation for a streamlined fit, it’s sure to be a hit with bowhunters this fall.

It seems that the KUIU people have been told the hunting clothing they have been selling is not keeping their customers warm, hence the need for a better insulated garment. Which requires a better insulation. Kevin the Toray 3DeFX+ is not the answer.

If the Toray and KUIU people knew anything about insulation they would know thickness like that of Lamilite would keep the wearer of the winter garment warm.

All of the coil shaped fibers, spiraling yarns and hollow fibers do not make an insulating medium.

As with all KUIU gear, these products have gone through countless hours of research and wear testing to ensure that they’re the best on the market.”

The countless hours of research were looking up words or phases that sounded good in order to come up with language that might convince someone to buy their product. these are supposed to be cold weather garments and I doubt that they will keep you warm in a tree stand unless it is summertime conditions.

When will they ever learn? NEVER!


Dear Jerry -

I have mentioned to you in the past that I have used you sleeping bags in a variety of environments. I'm amazed at 2 basic things:

1. That those folks at Natick, most likely, have never used one of your excellent bags in a field environment (or fully read the 1978 Test reports); or,

2. Spoken to the explorers who have used their down (of fibre filled) bags gain weight as the moisture freezes inside their "no sleep sleeping bags" over time.

I know one thing, If I were to be sent ANYWHERE... the first thing I'd grab off my shelf would be my Wiggy's gear.

I realize I'm preaching to the choir as it were, but I had to get it off my chest...



WWA Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator (ASEC)

All Hazards Communications Leader (ComL)

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