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Dressing for the Cold & Sleeping in the Snow?! Wiggy's Sleeping Bag Bikini Test

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Dressing for the Cold

Normally when someone sends me an email saying they submitted a testimonial I will publish the testimonial and not their email. But in this case, I have chosen to publish the email because it mentions the parkas Kent purchased and returned. He did not mention them in his testimonial, but I thought it is important to make people aware of these companies and their products as noted by one individual.


Just finished writing a testimonial for your Antarctic parka. I meant every word and tried to be descriptive. Like a lot of people now, I have come to rely on product reviews before purchasing. Sometimes reviewers say something in particular that will really bring something to light, something I hadn’t even thought of before.

That is why I said what I said in my review. I bought a Duluth Trading Ice Fog Parka with high hopes of it being a rock solid parka that I could count on for years to come. So, I received it and found right away that the down fill did not cover the bicep area at all. All I did was stick my index finger out and I could feel the sewn edge of my t-shirt sleeve through the parka material. I took the time to shake the parka upside down in order to move the down insulation into the sleeve. Didn’t work. The bicep area still lacked insulation. I packed up the parka and returned it.

I also recently checked out the Carhartt Yukon Parka online. Credit to Carhartt for at least admitting in their own description that it is made with layering in mind. Well, to me that means you need to go back to the drawing board and design a better parka. As a result of Carhartt’s own description of their own product, I did not buy it.

Thanks for making a top notch quality Antarctic Parka. Tell your labor force that they f@ckin’ rock!



No Need to Layer When Wearing the Antarctic Parka

To me the true test of a parka is wearing only a t-shirt under it. If you can go outside in the bitter cold without layering and stand in one place, maybe watching your kid’s hockey game or the dogs playing in the backyard, just you and the parka. If that parka can then keep you warm without any help at all from added sweatshirts, or sweaters of any kind then that is a well-insulated, well-made parka.

That is exactly what this parka is capable of. Keep in mind that I am 5’11”, 180 lbs. with a thin build, no gut. I bought this parka at least 10 years ago (today is March 30, 2021) and in all honesty, I have to be careful when I wear it. Meaning I have to wear it only in very cold temps here in Michigan. It works great when I have to use the snowblower to carve out my driveway. I usually have to unzip a few inches in order to let heat out. No joke.

The pockets are spacious both inside and out. You can store anything you need, no problem.

In my opinion, the insulation used to make this parka, Lamilite, makes down obsolete. Over the years I have used a few down coats from very well-known companies that are easily found when Googled on the internet but they all have their built-in limitations. All of them are foreign made. Usually the design, location and size of the interior and exterior pockets are not very well thought out and the down fill typically does not stay in the bicep area very well. I do not like having to shake my parka in order for the insulation to properly fill the arms.

Lastly, kudos to Wiggys for making a quality product that is made in the United States of America! That is what this country is all about.


Ultimate Wiggy's torture test: will Wiggy's keep girls in the snow in bikinis warm?

I received the following email from several people who saw this video. I hope you enjoy it. (View the video on YouTube).

Video: Sleeping in the snow?! Wiggy's Sleeping Bag Test

Jerry, feel free to share this on any social media channels OR in your newsletter! I know your customers and fans will enjoy it! Yes, clean enough for families. :)



The blue bags are actually Super Lights with the boat foot design. The black bags are Ultima Thules.

One thing the girls did that was a surprise is to have a thermometer in the bags demonstrating how quickly the heat build-up took effect. The short time that it takes for heat to build up in the bag is an indication of how well the insulation works.

The faster the heat build up, the slower the body metabolizes your food. The slower that happens, the longer your food will last in your stomach. Because you are warm.

I am constantly surprised about the lengths some people will go to to test my products. I never thought about taking a thermometer into the bag to note the internal temperature of the bag.

I offer many thanks to the girls for the video.

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