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emails and endorsements.

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I get email of all sorts, some not so good, but mostly very good. However, sometimes I receive an email that is just not true about the performance of one of my products and the following email is just one of them. having received this email, I decided to take a stand and publish it.

January 26, 2020

In the past, I've been very happy with Wiggy’s products. Not so with the queen comforter.

It's just not very warm. In a 66-degree Fahrenheit house sleeping under the comforter and a sheet I had to get up and put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt to be comfortable. 66 degrees isn't very cold.

The insulation layer just seems skimpy. Also, I'm not too excited about how stiff the fabric is but that might soften with multiple washings which I'd rather not have to do.

Sadly, I'd like to return this.

thanks, and regards

Stephen Willis

My response:

I do not believe you!!!

You are literally the first person in over 20 years that we have been making comforters to state this.

We make several items using slightly less than half the insulation for summer weight sleeping bags that are used regularly as low as 35 degrees.

You can return the product and you will be charged a 25 percent restock fee. However, since it is used it will not be restocked but sold off for $50.00.

Now you can read this most recent testimonial.

Queen Size Comforter, Toasty Warm

I live in So. California, so I don't experience the cold weather as other parts of the country do. However, year-round I sleep with my window open to get fresh air, and when our weather cools down, I pull out my Wiggy's comforter, and enjoy it. I never have cold feet, and you warm up under the comforter in less than a minute and are warm all night, even my feet. Thanks for such a great product - I enjoy using it every winter!

– Doug McKinnon

Stephen did respond to me stating he did not care that I did not believe him being cold in a room that was 66 degrees. He further told me he would never be a customer again. That said he then used profanity. Oh, well you sometimes lose someone and then it doesn’t matter.


I understand why some people who own a company higher lower level people to respond to complains such as this one and of course these lower level employees do what they think is right and cower to the customer because they do not have any skin in the game. Over the years I have replaced product that has needed replacement. Most of the time when the customer has returned a product after many years of use, they receive a new product. If this guy choses not to buy from Wiggy’s any more so be it, but I refuse to have my intelligence insulted.

Here is an email just received more to my liking obviously.


I don't doubt your products are superior. I wished I had known about your company years ago. I will be getting more of your products in the future, need to save some money for them. I have been reading and watching your videos and feel I have learned a lot. As I bought into a lot of the conventional products being sold, even stuff I used when I was in the Air Force was based on the wrong approach to (35 yrs. ago) to insulation and waterproofing. I would have killed for your socks when I was in the Air Force stationed in Germany. Take Care, Rev. David Shoemaker


So far, I have not had as many sales of Lamilite socks as I believe I should have from members of all the military services, but that I believe will ultimately happen. More and more are buying wool socks believing they are better than the issue socks, not true. The issue socks and the wool socks do the same thing retain moisture, so they still get cold feet. Since some have been buying the Lamilite socks the word of mouth will prevail for Wiggy’s.


Yesterday Kok and I were talking about people promoting a company. Over the years I have shared with Kok most all the emails received such as the one from Doug McKinnon about the performance of a product.

I told him from day one I chose not to hire anyone to use Wiggy’s products nor would I sponsor anyone, which I have written about in the past, because I already knew my products would work for the intended use. What I have learned from the many customers is how well the products do perform beyond what I have claimed they are good for.

To pay someone would comprise the someone” s integrity because they would feel obligated to say only good things about the products. However, there are many people out there who do outdoor activities to ear a living like climb mountains who get the attention of companies like North Face etc. who are offered full time positions using the products they come up with and these people are quick to exclaim how terrific these products are.

A case in point is the North Face “future light water-proof breathable” fabric which is in the opinion of the North Face employees testing garments made with this material fabrication better than goretex. It is not better than goretex it is equal to goretex in the fact that it does not work as goretex does not work. But the North Face is promoting garments made with it as better and they charge more for the same garment as made with goretex.

There are a host of companies that have these professional athletes on staff that are always being quoted saying the company’s product they represent is the greatest ever.

Wiggy’s will never solicited any professional outdoors active person who does it for a living.

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