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Extreme Weather Account

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The following email comes from a customer giving me an account of her being out in extreme weather where she lives in Canada.

I have chosen to leave her questions about a future purchase, then her story. When you read it, you will understand why she has come back to me for additional products. All questions were answered.


I am looking to pick up some extremely warm and durable outerwear + boot liners for the upcoming hunting/trapping season but cannot find a size chart for jackets.

I am about five foot 1, 125-130lbs, 34 inch chest ... generally small or as usually in women's size. (sleeves > 31 inches tend to be too long).

Do you happen to have a size chart? If not, what size would you guess works best?

(Been eyeing the nomex shirt-jacket for a while...would like some room for laying but not be swimming in it.)



Now a fun story about how amazing Lamilite products are:

I got a sleeping bag and boot liners a while back and I cannot say enough good things about them.

One time I was out in -40C [the same as -40 F] in a tent, my tiny wood stove has died long time ago and my warm water bottle sprung a leak inside the bag, a solid quart of water!... I didn't have much of a choice so I just stay in the bag and hope for the best... but all that happened was I fell back to sleep even as the water cooled.

Next morning, I just hung up the bag and started up the stove.... water poured out the bag... but by the evening it was only barely damp.

Bag dried by the next morning from body heat.

In any other sleeping bag (down or synthetic) that would have been a major and potentially lethal problem.

So now I will only consider a Wiggy’s bag if my life depended on it.

As for the boot liners... I wear my one pair days on end in hunting and trapping season, they don't smell for a long time because they dry so quickly, kept my feet drier and warmer than any other material I've tried. I actually shove those halfway in my boots to help them dry overnight cause they wick so well.
Best of all they barely show any wear after some hard use...come out the washing machine good as new.

I'm so glad to have pickup those items, it was an investment/gamble but it was so worth it for high performing and extremely durable / reliable gear.

I hope you stay in business for a long, long time... so when I finally need to replace my existing Wiggy’s stuff I can buy replacements from you again.

Maddie’s story is the most detailed that I have yet to receive. Being a trapper, she is out in the elements more so than the average. That said the information she is presenting from her experience supports all of what I have been saying for several years.

Why am I saying the fact that water is not a negative factor with Lamilite insulated products because several thousand customers since the early 1990’s have written me with similar accounts of their encounter with water and their Wiggy bag primarily.

At the expense of repeating myself, water in a cold environment is your primary enemy, so if your equipment is unaffected by the water your equipment will perform as it is supposed to.

Maybe someone in or associated with the military will have read yesterdays article and then read Maddie’s email letter to me giving an account of her experience in a very cold environment will cause an awaking for one or more of them.

I am also glad she says "investment" in my products which is what i have often told people buying them, they are investing in them versus purchasing them

So, a big thank you to Maddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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