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handling sunshine

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Wearable Shade
Start with almost nothing, then add almost nothing: The sun protection clothing we craft for fly fishing is deceptively simple. The secret lies in the weave of our ultralight fabrics—tight enough to shade you from the sun, yet open enough to breathe easily for cool-wearing comfort on midsummer days in trout country or in the unforgiving heat of the tropical flats.

The above information was sent to me via an internet web site. This

Verbiage is from a very creative writer. Some companies will try anything verbally to convince potential customers that they have suddenly created something of value.

When you start with nothing and add nothing what you have is nothing or nothing of value!

Seems to me if you want to be comfortable under the sun while trout fishing or doing any- thing under the sun the best protection is 100 percent cotton color WHITE. The arab world has demonstrated the success of white cotton fabric for 5000 years as being the best covering there is for protection from the sun, and it is woven in a manner that allows it to be porous so excess body heat escapes easily, plus the fact that cotton does absorb moisture which it moves through the fabric via the act of “wicking”. So you keep cool.

The material used by this company is 94 percent polyester and 6 percent spandex which is also a synthetic. In their literature they claim this material “wicks” which is making the impossible possible, sorry but synthetics do not “wick” any-thing.

So we have more creative writing.

Wear a synthetic shirt of jacket when the sun is beating down on you, you will sweat and the garment will stick to your skin surface.

However this does not happen to the people who supposedly tested these garments for the company marketing them. In some manner, way shape or form they stayed cool, or so they claim, what a joke. The company is Patagonia. I wonder if they are on a mission to increase their returns so they can wash them and or repair them to resell.

Language has become front and center in the textile business. Use language that makes the material sound like it can do so many things, breathe even though it is inanimate, eliminate odor with a new odor, cause your blood to flow differently, keep you dry in a steam room, keep you warm with a thin layer of material in the arctic, return the heat you produced from paraffin micro balls, the list goes on and on.

When you as a consumer question if the product actually works they slip and slide avoiding a logical rational answer. They show you pictures of some survivalist doing his best to kill him on a mountain or whatever.

So the consumer is supposed to buy what sounds good and feels good versus works good.

And that my friends are the state of the outdoor world of outdoor products today.

One last note, need wearable shade; wear a tree!



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