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The following is my email to the IG and then his response.

-----Original Message-----

From: Wiggys [mailto:wiggys@Wiggys.com]

Sent: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 11:21 AM

Subject: [Non-DoD Source] CASE NUMBER 22142

I am still waiting for the proper description of the Over-Boots as to the

temperature capability they are supposed to perform at as well as the

materials that are to be used in the construction of the Over-Boots.

Your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Jerry Wigutow


Wiggy's Inc.

Phone: 866-411-6465

Email: wiggys@wiggys.com <mailto:wiggys@wiggys.com>


Good Afternoon Sir,

Sorry for the delay in response but this is a function that the IG office

does not preform. I reached out to our legal department and you can request

that information through our Freedom of Information Office. The link

provided will take you to the site you will need to access to make that

request. https://foiaonline.gov

Thank you for contacting the Office of the Command Inspector General,


Command Inspector General

Marine Corps Systems Command

2200 Lester Street

Quantico, VA 22134


Back in the late 1990’s I believe I made 300 sleeping bags for the Marine Corpse using different insulations for each group of 50. I did write about this a few years ago and again recently. This was for a field test to see which insulation was best in a sleeping bag system. When the testing was done, I asked for a copy of the report and was told I could not get one. So, I asked my attorney to contact the Major (who will be nameless since he died) who told my attorney I would have to go through the freedom of information act to get it. At a later date as I wrote a gunny sgt came to my business and told me he was one of the testers and all the guys would sort of fight each night for my bags. I was not surprised since I was intimately knowledgeable with the fiberfills sent to me to use in the bags. One of them was primaloft and the rest looked just like primaloft. So, I knew they the other bags had no chance. I do not know what they went with after the test but since then they have looked for a new insulation and/or bag ever since.

What I think is tragic is that the people involved KNOW that the Wiggy’s bags with Lamilite/Climashield outperform every bag they have ever tested. So, the Marine in the field continues to get the short end of the stick.

With respect to the request to go to the freedom of information office, I’ll let someone else do that. I now have washed my hands of the situation. They will stone wall everything about this complaint. So, if I ever get a reply explaining why it was in the governments best interest to keep the contract in place, I’ll publish it.

I told you that outdoor research ordered a pair of muk luks and a pair of over boots which I cancelled. That means they had someone buy them for them most likely. But are they actually copying mine, doubtful. You see the o.r. folks are smarter than I am with respect to such products so they will tell the marine corpse people how smart they are and the so called smart marine corpse people will agree.


Since I have converted these items from Supplex to Ducksback I asked Kok how much inventory we had of these items in Supplex. Shortly I will have the inventory published on the web site according to size and color. The pricing for the Sweater is $120.00 from $160.00 and the vests are $80.00 from $130.00. The inventory of choices will be published tomorrow so people can review what is available over the weekend.


The other day I published a testimonial from a Sgt. based at Eielson AFB, Alaska. There is a retail store on the base that should carry these socks but they will not do so unless 100 guys walk into the store asking for them. That is probably the way it works at ALL of the base stores. So, if you are a soldier based where it is cold and you have those wool sock’s they issued you and want to have warm feet, leave them in a draw and get a pair of Lamilite socks. Then you will be able to say what the Sgt. at Eielson said and I quote; “One word………. AMAZING!!!! My feet sweat easily so with these, they pull the sweat away and keep my feet dry and warm. Great product!”

Technically the socks are not pulling the sweat away but rather the moisture comes out of his feet as a vapor so the moisture as a vapor moves through the fabrics the socks are made from and then condenses next to the lining of the boot. The moisture never again touches your feet so they stay warm and dry.

I was told by a fellow who works in the area where products are purchased for testing at Ft. Belvoir that they purchased socks from several manufacturers for testing this winter in Alaska. Right now I will point out the insanity of this activity. Remember Einstein’s definition of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Well here we have the military buying the wool socks from companies that make out-landish claims and the new people doing the buying have never bothered to find out what was previously tested. Well, what was previously tested was wool socks. If they worked why do more testing of the same products regardless who the supplier is. Of course, the end result will be as before soldiers with cold feet why (?) because they are wet!!!

If you happen to be based at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska I think that is where these socks are destined to go. You might very well want to do yourself a favor and get a pair of Lamilite socks and leave the wool socks in your draw.

Do you ever wonder about the monies that are in my opinion wasted by factions of our government? Since I have been in a business that has sold product to the government and been involved with product development I have learned why the government employees you know those civil servants (who are not necessarily civil when you correct them) chose to spend our money in ways that we would not approve of if we had the opportunity to question them on why they want to spend it etc. in such a manner. This is a situation that cannot be changed as far as I am concerned.

As an example a solicitation came out for a glove mitten combination for use from 40 degrees to – 60 degrees. I did publish this solicitation. The people working in this area of need were new to the area and having no knowledge of the subject they create a product that cannot be made EVER! But they persevere anyway even though they have been advised it can’t be made. Why (?) because they think that they are in a “power” situation and can in a way rule over people who want to do business with the government. What amazes me is so may of these people who have built successful businesses cower to these not so civil servants. If they, the businessmen knew something couldn’t be done they just keep quiet and they agree to give it the old college try. And even though they discover that it can’t be done they will never admit to it and they will continue to try until they get something that the not so civil servant agrees to try. At this point the not so civil servant will “reward” them with an order in my opinion.

And as I have found out often it matters not to the not so civil servant if a product actually exists with a longtime proven track record such as my muk luks or over boots that can be ordered on the internet. They the not so civil servant wants to impress their superiors who are also not so civil servants themselves of their accomplishment. That is why they exude the philosophy of “if we didn’t create it, it is not good”.

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