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lamilite boots

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I just spent the better part of an hour looking online for boot manufacturers that you might be able to go to for getting your boots made. It was pretty disappointing.

I looked at a number of U. S. only companies, and a lot of them seem to make mostly dress boots, cowboy boots, etc. One thing none of them talked about is keeping your feet warm! They also had fluffy words about waterproof and breathable. I can now see what a conundrum you’re in. I also looked for manufacturers in our home state of Colorado, but had no luck.

There were a few companies in Spokane, Arizona, and Wisconsin, but you’ll know better about them than I ever could. My brother in law has a pair of your boots and swears by them. I hope you can find somebody here in the U. S. who is willing to make your excellent boots.

If I find anybody that looks promising I’ll let you know. Sorry to hear about your problem with finding a good manufacturer.

-Art M

Colorado Springs CO


I was thinking about the boots.... there are several outfits today selling remakes of the old WWII Army field shoe in roughout leather. It has the smooth leather on the inside with the rough leather on the outside- and NO cloth lining or toe cap.

They were designed to be worn with the leggings of WWII. These shoes are incredibly comfortable, work fine in warm weather, and-- WITH YOUR SOCKS-- would be great in colder weather. Much better than the tricked out Gore Tex "temperate weather" boots issued in the Army and USMC.

I and a few others have tried to get the manufacturers to make these in an 8 inch height to be in conformance with military boot regs. No dice. We can buy the ones with the buckle tops but those won't get past the sergeant major!

If you could get these made, with a better sole (they have the old fashioned flat military sole) like a Vibram, you would have a multi-climate boot which could be worn in warm weather, or in cold weather with your Lamilite socks. I had my pair re-soled with Vibram soles and they're great hiking shoes, and I plan on wearing them on hikes during cold and cold/wet weather in the next few months.

Just an idea. It's an old idea which would be new again.

All the best,


I have received several emails from customers offering suggestions as to what I should consider doing. However, I view being burned for the fourth time as a sure sign I should not be in the footwear business. Historically I have had problems with contractors, hence the reason I manufacture every item in my own factory. Doing so allows me to keep on top of the quality and being able to advise customers about their orders.

Since I am not financially able to buy neither a boot factory, nor do I have space to bring in equipment to make product in house let alone learning what is necessary to make boots means that I am officially out of the boot business. But if any of the existing boot manufacturing companies who actually produce in the U.S.A. want to buy Lamilite I have no problem selling it to them. Considering what I think of them which I have published would mean they; one or more would have to swallow a big pill of pride, but in the end it will be in their best interest.


I have been offered a significant quantity of first quality nylon at a very low price. I made the purchase and I am going to be using it first for my booties. At present if you purchase a single pair the price is $33.60. However, if you purchase 4 pair or more the price is $30.00 per pair. At this writing I believe all can be ordered online correctly but if there is a glitch we will correct it. Look for this offer in "specials" or footwear.


The following comments were taken from the US edition of the Guardian publication 10/5/18.

“Authorities in Canada’s Arctic north are scrambling to transport critical supplies to three isolated communities after the early arrival of sea ice prevented delivery barges from reaching in the region.

Paulatuk, Kugluktuk and Cambridge Bay, which have a combined population of nearly 3,000 people, have been unable to receive shipments of food, fuel and lumber after ice moving from the high Arctic sealed off the Amundsen Gulf.

The ice has been described by officials as “extreme” and even the Canadian coast guard’s largest icebreaker in the region – the Louis St Laurent – was unable to help break open a channel for the barges. The government has rejected attempting to move the barge without an escort ship.”

My question is; how can we be experiencing a global warming activity when cold weather is occurring early in Arctic north? It seems to me if the earth were warming as is suggested the cold occurring in the Arctic would not be early but later in the year.

I have been reading for several years from Canadian publications that freezing ocean water is producing not only greater areas of ice but more importantly thicker ice formation. The thicker the ice becomes actually means that the air temperature is colder and lasting longer so thicker ice formation happen.

It is my opinion based on what I have been reading in the past two months we should experience a cold winter in the lower 48. Whether it is much colder than normal we will have to see. What I do know is if the temperatures stay below the freezing mark of 32 degrees F for say 2 or 3 weeks then we will experience a colder than normal winter. When there is sustained cold all structures will radiate the cold as they would if it is hot weather. An example of this is what I grew up with in N.Y.C., during the summer the buildings and streets being concrete would absorb the heat and the temperature in Manhattan would be 15/20 degrees warmer that it the beaches. However, during the winter the temperature in Manhattan would be colder than at the beaches. The reason it is colder has to do with the same buildings and streets giving off the heat in summer absorbing the colder air temperatures and sustains the cold.

I am also of the opinion there will be a significant number of people who will be disappointed with the so called winter jackets they have or will have purchased this year, that are all made in Asia. Of course those who have purchased Wiggy’s parkas will be snug as a bug in a rug.

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