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I just read your article on will they ever get it right. This is a testimonial to you. I just received a close out Alaska Range Parka in Olive Drab, all I have to say is wow!! I purchased an original of the above and it was the one with two snap closures on the wrist and a non-insulated hood. That hood come down to my chin if I tried to use it. It was completely useless. I called and told you of the issue. You suggested that I take it to a seamstress and have a new row of snaps installed about an Inch higher on the hood. Now to the present…. This version has Velcro on the cuffs (much better closure) the hood is insulated, and while it is still a little too long, it is usable and so comfortable. All of the improvements deserve honorable mention as I know you are discontinuing clothing products. I purchased this parka because after a few years of use, I snagged a branch and tore the original parka, so I jumped at the chance to obtain another. All I have to say is WOW what an improvement. Thanks so much for all of your products. I have 4 of your bags (for relatives) a sweater, two liners for the parka, socks, a ground pad, your boots, all are the best I have owned. I am sad to hear that you are discontinuing these items, however I understand the labor shortage. It is my sincere wish that in the near future, you can rebuild. I have referred many people to your site that have never heard of you. My recommendation is simply that if Wiggy’s offers it, it will work as advertised and more. Best wishes for the future!!!!

Jim Parker


Thank you for your letter and best wishes for the future.

They will never get it right because they do not want too.

I get many emails like the one from Jim complimenting the products that we make at Wiggy’s but today I received a thank you card that caught me by surprise. After reading it I sat still for about 20 minutes because of what I read. I am copying it into this article because it is a letter the likes of which I never expect to receive.

Hi Wiggy,

This is Byron, a recent customer, and I hope all’s well.

Thank you for all you do. I truly appreciate…

*The wonderful clothing and gear that you make

*The ethical and humane ways in which it is made [both for the humans making it and the animals not needing to be killed for it]

*The passion you possess for educating people on how outdoor gear should function

*The innovations you’ve developed while making your gear

*How you stand behind what you make

*The example you’re setting for how we can still make things in this country

*The way you make arctic-ready equipment accessible to the general public

*Your penchant for story telling

*You are giving Cookie a good home

*And for the droll sense of humor you display in your videos

You are truly appreciated-and I just wanted to say thanks.

Best, Byron

Byron your letter just took my breath away. I do not know how to say thank you except to say so long as I am capable of running Wiggy’s I will do my best to live up to what you have said.



In the mid 60’s a friend gave me a book that changed my life. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Howard Roark became the person that I modeled myself after. He was a man who knew what he wanted to do and did not compromise!!!

It wasn’t until 1974 when I left NYC on my boat with a copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand that I read. I could take my time to digest as much of her philosophy as I could comprehend. It wasn’t until I was back in the states that I started reading all of the books she wrote, articles, and so much more. Having read The Fountainhead gave me the initial foundation which was further expanded by Atlas and all of the rest was incredible support.

Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism is the guiding light for me with respect to the way I have run Wiggy’s. Historically because I was soundly rejected by the manufacturers of sleeping who were still operating in the USA at that time for not wanting to look into what I was offering my only option was to say good-bye and sail.

When I returned, I knew my direction, manufacture sleeping bags.

When I started to show my bags to retailers the rejection started over again but advertising in outdoor magazines to the general public was the key to getting business. The consumers who wrote for my catalog read it, which the retailers didn’t. The consumers understood what I was offering and they started buying my sleeping bags. Just like Roark he was rejected but he found buyers of his abilities to design buildings. I was honest with my customers because I knew of no other way to be. Honesty is a major part of Objectivist philosophy.

Ayn Rand taught people to understand her philosophy of Objectivism and I have taught people to understand why my sleeping bags do not have stitching across the bags because that means cold spots. Of course, I have made an effort to explain why I have done and what I do over the years and all of that information is on the web site.

Over the years I have made references to Ayn Rand in my newsletters and am delighted when a reader writes to me that they too are Objectivists, but we need many more.

So, once again Byron thank you for your letter.

I believe since Howard Roark is a creation of Ayn Rand it is her who I modeled myself after as a businessman.

I now leave you with a email that arrived while I was writing the article.


Back in the late 90's, while shopping in Grand Junction from my home in Utah, I saw Jerry's store and had some time to kill. I went in, met Jerry, got a quick tour, was sold on Lamilite and bought a bag. At home in Utah at 4,800' elevation, even summer nights are cool. I LOVE SLEEPING UNDER THE STARS, in all kinds of weather. I was blown away with the bags ability to keep me warm on frosty nights. My first sleep out on a warm 60 degree night, I thought "Man, I'm gonna roast in this bag"! Wow, was I surprised ! Something about this Lamilite that I don't understand, allows excess body heat to "breathe out"??? I stayed very comfortable on that warm night and yet, on cold nights, I'm just as comfortable. Mysterious thermodynamics for sure. I will never have anything but a Wiggy's bag. This may sound weird but, when I visit friends out of town, I sleep on their guest bed IN MY WIGGY'S BAG so as not to cause any excess laundering on their part. Oh, speaking of laundry, this bag is a "piece of cake" to wash in your own machine. Most of the friends we visit don't understand my wanting to sleep in my sleeping bag when there's a nice clean bed available. It's all about a good night's sleep. I've been so happy with the bag that I haven't been to Wiggy's website for over 20 years. Curiosity told me there must be new stuff out there. WOW, I'm in the shopping mode now, looking at maybe a new Wiggy's bag. Thanks, Jerry for all you've done for us outdoors folks !

– Mef Fisher

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