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Former Nestle Water Brand BlueTriton Faces Lawsuit Alleging False SUSTAINABILITY Claims

Berkley, California based Earth Island filed the lawsuit with the District of Columbia Court Tuesday Aug 31, 2021.

They must have 15 different brands, and prices but one quality of water.

There are two problems that we know of, first is the plastic water bottles being thrown away and the second is far worse: ingestion of micro plastics.

According to a filed court document filed by the World Wildlife International, they discovered that 94.4 % of tap water samples contained microplastics. It also found that bottled water brands such as Nestle Pure Life contain double the number of plastics as tap water. If it happens with this brand, I am quite sure that it happens with all brands. It gets worse yet. The leaching of plastic from water bottles made from reprocessed plastic.

Numerous garment companies selling garments made from reprocessed polyester fiber [made from plastic water bottles, its all polyester] love to talk about sustainability which is well and good except for the fact that the fabric is leaching out these tiny bits of polyester on you the wearer and when you launder the garment those tiny fibers go down the drain into the sewer system and eventually into the ocean where it is ingested by fish

Throughout the outdoor industry there is and has been talk about sustainability and leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible but all it really is, is talk.

All of the reprocessed materials are inferior to first quality materials but they are the same price so the garments purchased are of poorer quality. So, the consumer gets screwed. The garments breakdown so to speak after one season but you can always return it to the company that made it so they can reprocess it. So, you are now on a merry go round.

Wiggy’s is not a part of the maddening crowd. Our products last for an unknown amount of time. We are now in our 34th year and I have customers with product primarily sleeping bags for 34 years. We generate what some would call waste except it isn’t waste when you learn that we bail all scarps in a machine that is about the size of a bail of hay. These bails are purchased to be used as bow targets. So, we do not have waste. We truly are a sustainable company.  

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