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the follow up in ca.

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I called the telephone number listed on the notice and was told the following.

I did not have to do anything until I reached the $100,000.00 threshold starting April 1, 2019 in the balance of the calendar year.

I said that I would still have to isolate CA. in order to know what sales were for the year.

I also asked if I collect the taxes from each person and did not reach $100,000.00 do I refund the taxes collected or do I just keep the money? The woman I was speaking with had no answer for me. I told her I was going to have an 8 percent tax added to all CA. orders since I was not going to look at every town in the state to see what their local tax rates are.

Then there was the question; since I was doing all of this for the state of CA. were they going to compensate me for doing all of the record keeping that I at this moment in time do not do? She didn’t think they would, I did not think they would so I will not isolate the sales and they can send an auditor if they want too.

I told her I did not think much of the legislators imposing upon me the responsibility of keeping these records at a cost to my company. She said that that was the cost of doing business. I told her I would not bear the burden of expense but pass it on to my customers with an increase in the price of my products. She actually did not care.

I did mention that I just read on a news web site that CA. legislators are giving college students 2 years free education, so that is why they needed the taxes. They don’t get enough from the drug (mj) sales I guess.

During the course of the conversation she asked if I had gotten a particular letter; they apparently sent out different ones to various companies and the reason I received the one I received was because they knew my sales into the state were close to $100,000.00, now I asked where they were getting this information and I did not get an answer. The only place it could have come from is the company’s that handle my credit card sales. So far one of the two companies was very matter of fact that they do not share information. I am now checking into knowing if the second company shares this information. Sure would be nice to go back to the old days without computers.

Many years ago when I was 17 I asked an uncle who owned his own business something about what goes on in Washington D.C. and his response was I am concerned about my business and what they do in D.C. is what they do and I don’t pay attention. It was good advice except that government whether it is D.C. or the states individually does as much as they can to impose themselves on businesses primarily but also the rest of us. So trying to avoid them is a full time job.

The primary savior for me is my personal accumulation of knowledge from studying Ayn Rand’s works. This knowledge has helped me to understand what we businessmen have to contend with. One lecture I highly and strongly recommend is her last public speech given in Atlanta, GA. The title of which is “The Sanction of the Victims”. If you are a current business owner or are interested in opening your own business this is a must listen to lecture.

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