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the worlds largest shoe companies non-response

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Chat session started at 9:15:54
Please be patient while you are being connected with an operator ...

You are now chatting with Shelby. How may I help you today?

Shelby:Hi Jerry!

jerry:can you tell me the temperature rating of any of your boots for use below 32 degrees F?

Shelby:I apologize, but we are not provided the temp ratings for our insulated boots as too many factors go into this. However, if you purchase a product that is backed by our 30 day comfort guarantee, you can return it to us within 30 days for a full refund if the product does not work for you!

jerry:how can I buy a boot without any guidance suggesting it may work at a given temperature?

Shelby:If you will be working in that cold of temperatures we would recommend purchasing a boot with 600 or 800 grams of insulation.

jerry:what temperature are you referring too when you say "in that cold of temperature"?

Shelby:Below 32 degrees as previously mentioned in your inquiry. Are you looking at a specific product? I would be happy to email our product team to see what information I could get for you regarding temp ratings.

jerry:please do so I can better gage what boot to buy.

jerry:thank you

The insulation material Shelby is referring to is Thinsulate which is prominently noted on all of their boots. I will report if I ever get any response from the product team. From past experience when posing the same question to a wolverine representative I was told the just don’t have temperature ratings on boots any longer. In the early 2000’s of the current century they did have temperature ratings for boots as low as -100 degrees F or close to it. What happened that caused this company and all of the various brands to radically eliminate their temperature ratings? They discovered that their boots not only didn’t perform at those ridiculously low temperatures they noted but even at higher temperatures like plus 32 degrees F.

I can guarantee one and all making the same inquiry of Timberland, Red Wing, Cove or any other brand will render the very same result; NO GUIDANCE FOR TEMPERATURE RATINGS!!!

It has been several hours since the initial conversation with Shelby ended and I have not heard back with any information from the “product team” which was what I expected, no response. You see these multimillion and billion dollar boot makers have no intention of ever using any of their profits to find out how they can improve their products. To do so would require effort and in the end will cause them to look at terminating their relationship with Thinsulate and goretex, since they will discover that neither component does what is claimed.

Now if they chose not to make an effort to make boots that will work that will as I have said before be a good omen for Wiggy’s over boot and mukluk sales. Actually so far this winter Wiggy’s has experienced an upsurge in orders for both products. One area that is exciting deals with hunters who spend time in tree stands. Every one of them has told me his feet get cold even though in some cases they have boots with 1000 gram Thinsulate; I have not been surprised to hear that.

Those of you who have not spent the money for boots with so much Thinsulate lined boots that also have goretex can now buy much less expensive all leather boots and with the over boots or mukluks have warm feet. Thank you 3-M Corp and Gore Co. for providing me with customers, this is what is known as unforeseen consequences. Guys keep up the good work!!!

Below is one of the few testimonials I have gotten about the cagoule product. We do sell a number of them in Alaska made with the multicam pattern material since it is ideal for hunting in Alaska. We are now starting to sell them made from the Ducksback material. This testimonial was received today 12/26/18.


Wife Melissa using her Wiggy’s Cagoule and she is happy to STAY dry!

Purchased the Olive Drab color for the wife, green is her favorite color. She complained often of her gear malfunctioning, getting wet inside or too restrictive, when she needed to stay dry. She finally tested the Wiggy’s gear and now it stays with her in a stuff bag or rolled up in her gear bag.

That makes two of us in Cagoule; dry, warm, and gear protected too.

Thanks for producing true performance gear.

Dave & Melissa

At Mist Trail top of Vernal Falls, Yosemite. 



I bought my son a light weight mummy Wiggy’s bag a few years ago. My son kinda bitched about it and said he was really wanting a down bag. So I called Wiggy’s to see if they would take a return. I talked to Jerry who happened to be the guy who answered the phone. He talked me into keeping it. My son is now stationed at Fort Hood. He is in the infantry. He requested and I sent him his Wiggy’s bag. When they go on bivwack now all the other guys bitch because he has the only warm bag when it rains. He’s now worried his platoon sergeant is going to make him go back to the issued bag. He told me the other day that it is the best bag he ever had! Thanks Jerry!

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