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water does not effect a Wiggy's bag

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I've had my Wiggy's mummy sleeping bag for over 3 yrs. I do mostly fall & winter camping, and I have loved it. No surprise. I am writing this now because I just tested out the "warm even when wet" toted on the description of Lamilite when I bought it. Long story short, I was an idiot & didn't put my rainfly on my tent & ended up floating around in inches of water as it rained inside my tent for a 4-hour thunderstorm. My bag was WET - like a couple gallons of wet. And I was warm! Amazing stuff. I hope I am never stupid enough to test it that way again, but I got to say - thank you, Wiggy's!

– Kristen Lynch

Kristen thank you very much for the testimonial. Women of the world of camping I hope will take heed of your experience.

The more bags that are sold by Wiggy’s the more people will experience wet conditions, not necessarily as wet a condition as Kristen, but wet conditions just the same and they will as have been presented on the web site in the past many times.

When I wrote about my background with continuous filament fiber, sales director of the original factory that made the Polar Guard I recognized how good a product it is. I had cart blanc to experiment with it and quickly learned that using it unquilted which all of the high priced sleeping bag makers in the late 60’s and early 70’s were doing with it, that is quilting it, I had to show them that laminating it would make it as easy to sew as quilting did. They refused to consider a laminated version because the finished product did not look like a down sleeping bag.

What I have learned over these past almost 50 years is unquilted continuous filament fiber of proper weight or thickness maintains its loft and insulating capability extremely well, even for women. I say even for women because women do not generate the same heat that men do. They do not have the muscle mass. But as we now know thanks to Kristen the Lamilite keeps women warm in wet conditions as well.

What Kristen did not mention is her being warm the next night even if the bag were damp which I suspect it wasn't, if she was out another or more nights.

Again, as I have learned from personal use and from countless customers the Lamilite dries very quickly from the heat produced by the body of the person in a Wiggy’s bag. This is information that I was unaware of in the 60’s and 70’s when I did not know about this characteristic of the continuous filament fiber. Had I had that knowledge would its have made a difference getting these companies to buy the laminated version, probably not because the end appearance was still not the look of a down bag.

32 years later and thousands of Lamilite bags sold still makes no difference to the companies that offer sleeping bags, or should I say ‘no sleep sleeping bags” at this time.

On occasion I have offered to sell the Lamilite to any company that wants to make bags as I do as well as offering to private label bags for them. Always refused, so I stand alone as the only sleeping bag manufacturer in the world.

Had Kristin been using a down bag we all know what would have happened. However, even if she used a bag with a chopped polyester fiberfill the same would have happened as would happen with a down bag.

Lamilite/Climashield stands alone as the only insulating medium in the world that works regardless of the weather conditions.


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My question is will snugpak respond to the U.S. CPSC?

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I guess stating that the temperature ratings are misleading does not qualify as risking harm.

The fact that they state they will not share the response with the party who makes the complain is interesting. If they did then you could counter what ever they claim. Why make the complaint to an agency you support financially if they are not going to do anything? 

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