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what to wear under foul weather clothing

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Last night I was thinking about foul weather liners that should be worn under foul weather outerwear.

When I spoke with the sales manager of Grundens I asked if they had any, not bothering to go to their web site to find out I do think the answer to my question was no. Since you will get wet from within since foul weather clothing is made from waterproof fabric such as vinyl all sweat stays in the garment. Also rain and spray from the outside WILL get into the garment so you will be wet. The best foul weather clothing never has prevented this action; getting wet from the outside.

We already know that water is by far the most efficient absorber of heat on the planet and all of the moisture now trapped in the clothing being worn under the foul weather clothing will ultimately cause you to get a chill. The question now is how do we counter act this chilling effect if we are covered in wet clothing worn under the foul weather garments and are ultimately cold?

The answer is quite easy just wear liners that are made with Lamilite insulation. Why Lamilite insulated liner garments? The answer to this question is also easy. Lamilite fiberfill does not absorb and hold water as ALL other insulations do such as down or any other synthetic. The consequence of this action is that Lamilite insulates regardless if the fibers are wet or dry.The result for the wearer of the Lamilite liner is that their body heat stays in the Lamilite insulated liner while it is forcing the moisture out. We know this to be fact as has been written to me in testimonials by a multitude of Wiggy’s customers. I have published all of these reports via my newsletters/articles over the years. There is a lot to read but the common thread in the testimonials is that water in any form is never a problem. One fellow wrote about his experience with the so called waterproof breathable garment he wore over a Lamilite sweater and noted the water that got into his garment drained out the bottom of the sweater. He experienced this twice and noted that garment dried very quickly.

As I have written based on my years sailing you always gets wet and in heavy weather it is absolutely unavoidable so the clothing worn closest to your body should not contribute to your discomfort such as getting a chill or just being cold. Lamilite insulated garments prevent this from happening.

I told the sale manager of Grundens to have his “product development” people to call me. He said I should call them, I responded telling him he should direct them to my web site so they could learn about Lamilite and why it would be beneficial for them to make Lamilite insulated foul weather clothing liners. Then they could call me to get pricing and basic information of what weights to use. That will never happen because they have no interest in getting an education about insulations. They are only interested in the promotional value of products that have proven not to have ever worked such as gortex. It seems to me if the goretex material was so good would bobby gore have a multitude of experiences that he could share with the public as I have done. Of course bobby gore has only had experiences where he learned and actually knows goretex doesn’t work and that of course he would never want people to know that he knows the actual truth about what he is selling.

Any way even if you are not on a boat but hiking in the mountains if you encounter a mountain squall the air temperature drops and the rain pelting you is cold as well. One customer sent me a link to an arcteryx goretex paclite jacket. The video they show on their site is a young woman walking in the mountains and when it starts to rain she puts on this new jacket. It is as close to form fitting as it can be. There is not enough room for even my liner vest or jacket. But I can assure you in the conditions played out in the video without an insulated layer of worth under the jacket you will be very uncomfortably cold. The cost of the jacket shown $325.00; hell of a rip off in my opinion.

Just remember that when it rains the temperature drops so you are dealing with cold air and cold water and if the jacket you are wearing is a skimpy fitting garment you will get cold.

Shortly I will be writing about the materials used for sleeping bags that are highly flammable that are made from polyester fiber fabrics. I have noted that many companies use polyester fabrics for their linings. Nylon is inherently flame retardant. As soon as I get my research completed I will publish my findings. Now for those shopping around for sleeping bags ask if the lining is polyester or look at the contents label.


Thank you for your quick response in providing a replacement buckle for my "lightweight waders". It is greatly appreciated.
Additionally, the waders are performing as advertised and as I had hoped. I look forward to using them in the Rocky Mountains this Fall.

– Doug Veach

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