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Every Bed in My House Is Equipped with Wiggy Comforter!

The year was 1992, I was a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps. A cold weather Marine. Through Mark Pacholic, our platoon was introduced to Wiggy's. We all bought our own sleeping bags and I still have the receipt to this day. Since then, I buy ONLY Wiggy - Why wouldn't you! Fast forward a few decades and my five bedroom house comes with standard issue Wiggy Comforter - every bed! My entire family and all my friends who come to visit and stay - are all protected and kept warm by Wiggy. WHY WOULDN'T YA!!!!

John Mulkern

John and I have had numerous conversations over the years and he has many more of the products made by Wiggy’s. just today he ordered a liner vest and a superlight sleeping bag. when I met Mark, he purchased about fifty of the ultima thule bags and shipped them to the USMC base in Norway where they train. They might still be using them.

John, I know you read my articles so send my best to Mark and thank you for your kind words.


Terry wrote back to me that the brilliant Aussie defense ministry employee [s] bought no sleep sleeping bags from a company called “mont” there is no company called “mont” but a Japanese company called “mont-bell.” This is the company that had and maybe still does a no sleep sleeping bag that had lines sewn across the bag with stretch thread so the bag could form fit the user. I haven’t seen or heard of it for at least 15 years.

Mountain Hardwear copied it and was sued. Paul Kramer who was one of the owners of MH called me for assistance in the lawsuit. My advice for Paul was to let them have it as it was a bad idea. Paul did not listen so he had legal fees and a settlement fee. Not long after the case this contraption of a bag left the USA marketplace.

Years later Paul produced the name lamina so he could copy me. it was as close as he could come to Lamilite. I told him I had no intention of suing him because I knew his no sleep sleeping bags would fail.

As for the Aussies, their sleeping bag geniuses have no intention of acquiring sleeping bags that work because if they did, they would be out of a job. So, mont-bell gets the business and the Aussie soldiers are given the business.

It is very discouraging to observe the lack of interest in learning what it takes to make a sleeping bag. Since those in the industry do not know that the laminated construction sleeping bags with Lamilite insulation that sell for $100.00 or more are the largest sold sleeping bags in the world. That being said you would think those charged with creating bags at the various companies would copy what we do here. They don’t because they don’t understand what I created. But they will create no sleep sleeping bags forever.

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