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wiggy's bags and mukluks

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Hello Wiggy, I have a story for you.

I read your recent testimonials. I recall when I first learned of your products. I had begun dog driving in Arizona (mushing is the other descriptor) in 1995. One supplier of sled dog equipment only sold Wiggy’s sleeping bags. Sorry, do not recall the supplier name, might’ve been Resha. They said it was the only bag to own. It was more expensive than I could afford at the time, but their words left a spark in my mind. So, I made do with my down fill 3 season bag supplemented by a cheap fiberfill bag. I was snow camping in Arizona Mountains and southwestern Colorado where the temp only dropped to about 10 degrees, so not too cold.

{By the way, at the time Arizona had 60 members in the dog driver club, and some club members were in the top 100 dog drivers worldwide for sprint racing and Arizona still has today 3 ski areas. But I digress.}

Finally, two things merged, I was tired of my sleeping equipment issues and I had the money for one of your bags. That was a great decision to buy your sleeping bag. Moisture is not an issue for your bag. The dogs would find a way the curl up next to my Wiggy’s bag when we were tent camping in the snow. So even my dogs endorsed your product!

I did not try what one reader did, which was wet the bag and himself, then climb in for a good night’s sleep; he was in his driveway for safety in case things went sideways.

But one time a rainstorm partly blew my tarp off my Wiggy’s bag and soaked the foot area (I had no tent on that trip). That was not a problem, as my feet never got cold that summer night in the Arizona Mountains at 7,500 feet elevation in the Ponderosa pines forest.

I highly commend your products and have geared up with a vest, a long sleeve winter jacket, and your sleeping bag / poncho combo. I machine washed the vest and it came out looking like it did before, only clean. Thanks for making a great product that works year-round.

Frank B. in Arizona

Frank, many thanks for sharing your story.

Arctic Oklahoma 2021

I always get cold feet, especially in the military... hated it. I purchased these for static times. I was just out riding my 4 wheelers in the snow and it is 3 degrees (windchill feels like -13 degrees) here in Oklahoma due to the winter storm we are experiencing. I put on regular socks and my uniform boots with these mukluks. My feet were toasting the whole time I was out. I love these things! I would make a suggestion for improvements. 1. Remove the plastic D rings, they add gaps when they tighten together preventing the laces from tightening like I believe they should. I would also replace the cordage with shock cord to provide some give/ flexibility. This would be especially appreciated around the top of the boot. Outstanding piece of gear especially if you have cold feet! I hate cold feet! Thank you Wiggys

– TarfuTAZ – Bill

Bill, I have used these mukluks for years in temperatures ranging down to about -50 F and found the d rings and draw cord to work well as it seems to have done for you. no changes will be made. But thank you for the story.


Not A Warmer, Dependable Sleeping Bag in The World!

I bought the Antarctic that is rated -60 degrees many years ago. Because of health reasons, I haven't been able to use it for about 4-5 years until now. My wife and I moved to Utah last year (where it can snow a lot), and i got sick and tired of not being able to go camping because of COVID-19. One night about a week ago (February), it snowed here, and I decided to sleep in my backyard if nothing else (in a three season tent) with it snowing all night.

I forgot how warm this thing is! I dressed warm because it was 22 degrees. i kid you not, within a few short minutes, l was totally warm no problem, to the point where later, I HAD to strip my clothes off into only my underwear! lol Seriously! WIGGY I took my Wiggy's booties off after about 20 minutes because I was burning up. I slept like a baby all night, NEVER being cold.

what a great product! i loved it so much, I bought my wife one also.... AND got my sister, and a couple of her grown children, to buy a Wiggy's bag. They love it also.

BTW, I haven't had a need to wear the mittens that i bought from them yet, but I’m certain they will do just fine!


– Forrest

This is one of the best reviews of a sleeping bag we make. Please note that I am not going to change the rating as a result of Forrest’s experience. Maybe he was so stir-crazy the bag had a very good effect on him. Regardless, as I recently wrote I chose to under rate the bags!

I am eternally grateful that he has passed on his experience to family members who have invested in Wiggy’s products; thank you Forrest.

The other day I received a phone call from a guy asking if I made a -100 F degrees sleeping bag. I asked if he was planning on a trip to mars? He was very serious with his request of information because he was into Armageddon. I did not realize that we were going to be in a deep freeze at such a time.

Right now, our sales are sold up through April or May but if time permits after then assuming we have a slow period I’ll start putting these -100 degree F bags into inventory.

So much for Armageddon.

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