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Layering system update from Haglöfs


Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs has announced that its forthcoming autumn-winter collection will include “a serious update” to its LIM layering system.

I can’t wait.

It launched the LIM (Less Is More) concept more than 20 years ago and is now preparing to introduce LIM Z|T, describing it as a synchronized performance layering system. It features fabrics from Polartec.

LMI means you wear less layers of their garments and get more performance, what ever that maybe. Now they have added the Z/T to the mix so the garments are “synchronized” for performing a layering system. What does this mean?

According to Haglöfs, this update involves garments that will deliver 30% less humidity within the clothing system than in conventional, modern layering systems.

Imagine garments that can deliver humidity but these updated garments will deliver 30% less humidity. They further state that this is less than in conventional, modern layering systems. I never knew any layering system that delivered humidity in the first place.

The brand has used a selection of Polartec fabrics that are lightweight and offer high levels of durability and performance and has said the “true ingenuity” in the system comes into play when these fabrics are combined. LIM Z|T breaks with the predominant three-layer tradition to create “a truly synchronized layering system” instead.

We now know why because they are using Polartec fabrics to accomplish all of the witchcraft.

There is a base layer that uses Polartec PowerGrid to move humidity away from the skin quickly. The next component is “an inner mid-layer” jacket, which combines three Polartec fabrics: Alpha, Power Air and Power Dry, sourced from 100% recycled content.

Material does not move humidity, [humidity condition is a moistness, dampness] humidity does not move. The moistness on the skin surface just stays there. The fact that the next component is a jacket that that is made with three layers of the Polartec materials actually traps the moisture they are calling humidity. The fact that these materials are made from recycled content changes nothing.

Finally, an outer mid-layer jacket uses a combination of recycled Polartec Power Air and Power Dry fabrics to supply advanced thermal efficiency and moisture management.

Have they repeated themselves with still another jacket using only two of the fabrics? So, it seems to me.

Each product has undergone extensive field-testing to make sure outdoor enthusiasts will be able to wear them without feeling too hot or too cold.

I do not believe for one second that these garments have gone through “extensive field-testing. Imagine not felling too hot or too cold.

All of this is the hocus pokes of witchcraft. Haglofs sales must be slow and Polartec sales are probably slow as well so they got together and recruited a shaman to conjure up language that would excite people to know they could get rid of their humidity.

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