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gore and carbon

THE GORE FABRICS DIVISION SETS AMBITIOUS CARBON REDUCTION GOALSHow much carbon can gore reduce that will, if they can reduce any, make a difference? The following is where carbon is. Having read this article as well as others about carbon “footprint” I decided to research where carbon is mostly located and this is what I found. Where is most carbon [...]

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educating the youth of the industry cannot happen

The following quote is from an article I read in a textile magazine “Textile Insight Magazine” May/June 2020 Issue. The author of the article is “By Formula4 Staff”.“How to keep warm in cold weather has challenged the best and the brightest in the business over the decades, inspiring advances in insulation materials, strategic layering, engineered fibers and smart yarns. In [...]

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an order worth printing and more

Billing Address Greg Jacobson United States Shipping Address Greg Jacobson United States Ship Via: Free shipping from Wiggy’s Order CommentsThis will be my second Ducksback shell parka. Going from XL to [...]

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incredibly perceptive

INCREDIBLY PERCEPTIVE“I have a foreboding of an America in my children's or grandchildren's time -- when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp [...]

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chemicals kill

FABRICS THAT KILL THE CORONAVIRUS?I have been reading articles recently about textile companies that are either weavers or knitters producing fabrics that have chemical additives that will kill the coronavirus. These factories I can only assume are working with chemical companies who produce the additives. The idea behind this is to make garments that will give one protection from the [...]

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an almost forgotten testimonial

TESTIMONIALHere is a testimonial that I forgot to publish in the last article. Before we got started with lunch this is the first thing, I showed Kok.Hi Jerry,I ordered the OD outer bag after our conversation clarifying the right item on the 9th, and it arrived today. Holy cow that was fast! Thank you. It is [...]

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a conversation with kok

A CONVERSATION WITH KOKMost weekends on either Saturday or Sunday we have lunch and after lunch we discuss things about the running of the company on the office side.But first a recipe of one of our favorite dishes. Pum is a very astute chef, but when they purchased Dungeness crab, she was not knowledgeable of how best to cook [...]

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more chemicals to breathe in

MORE CHEMICALS TO BREATHE INToday I was reading through “TEXTILE WORLD” magazine, the May June 2020 issue. As you can imagine its focus is “COVID 19” and how the U.S Textile Industry is responding.The textile industry has responded quite well since garments are needed by the score for people working in all aspects of the medical industry. Most all of [...]

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the unexpected

THE UNEXPECTEDJerry:I’ve been wearing your taller boots for a while but just opened the Chukka box (think I bought them a couple years ago) and have been wearing them the past few months. OMG!!! This is the absolute most comfortable boot I have worn. My feet have been on a vacation since I began wearing these.As is [...]

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will goretex finally start its slow death

I KNEW IT WOULD EVENTUALLY HAPPENI knew it would eventually happen, goretex would see its waterloo.The coronavirus is the culprit.Goretex will not be the only bogus waterproof breathable material in the marketplace to fail as well.As we know most of the outerwear garments sold in stores with these bogus claims about them being waterproof and breathable are made in Asia, mostly [...]

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