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radiant heat

RADIANT HEATRadiant heat loss is for all intents not a factor of any consequence. Radiant heat which the human body produces just like the sun is always absorbed by the first solid object that it hits, just like the objects that the sun’s rays hit. If you are active and the temperature is 8o degrees F your core temperature [...]

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two testimonials from the same person

TWO TESTIMONIALSThe following two testimonials come from a Ernesto Garcia customer who lives in Japan. He has been purchasing products for about 10 years. When he put in his last order a few days ago he said he would write a testimonial. It encompasses a story of interest.Thank you, ErnestoSUPER LIGHT TESTIMONIALAs you know I live in Japan, [...]

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stormy kromer

STORMY KROMER HATSFor those of you who are not acquainted with Stormy Kromer hats, they have been in business for 103 years. They have not changed their basic style for all these years. However, they have in recent years changed the insulation that they use in their hats to Lamilite. It has been about 5 years now. During the [...]

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game carrier

GAME CARRIERBetween 15 and 20 years ago I was importing from an Australian company, Cross Fire back packs and tents. They are excellent products but they did not sell well due to the high price I had to get.One of these products which I called a game carrier at $200.00 sat on the shelf. My partner just found about [...]

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new miracle sock

GORDINI A GLOVE MARKETER IS NOW SELLING SOCKSJust one more company that does not understand because they do not know the importance of keeping feet dry in all seasons. They are introducing a line of winter socks.Gordini entered the performance sock category for Fall 2023, introducing socks for men and women in the ski and hiking categories.Having invested in an Italian [...]

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orange garments

HUNTER LINER VEST AND LINER JACKETFor I can’t remember how many years I have been asked about bright orange hunters vests and liner jackets.Today I was able to secure 1600 yards of a bright nylon fabric that I will be using to make these garments. The prices will not change from what our other liner vest and liner jacket. [...]

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MITTENSMittens are back on the web site.We had a spell where we could not keep up with orders so I decided to close down taking orders. Now my partner Kok who runs production said we are caught up and it would be okay to start opening up the ordering process.If you want a pair of mittens, it is time to [...]

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george lamb

GEORGE LAMBIf you were involved in the outdoor industry in the 1960’s and 70’s, you knew the name of or the person George Lamb. George was introduced to the outdoor industry when he started working for Gerry Cunningham who owned Gerry Outdoor Products. In my opinion Gerry was the father of the outdoor industry and George was his son to [...]

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a new bogus product

A NEW BOGUS PRODUCTNexTex Innovations, an Atlanta-based textile technology developer, will introduce its latest fabric developments and brand customer adoptions under its TDry brand name at OR Snow Show, Booth #4009, January 10-12, in Salt Lake City, UT.I was introduced to this company 25/30 years ago when they produced a coating of some sort that was tiny synthetic beads and they [...]

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REPUBLISHEDI found out why it was cut short. But this story deserved to be published by itself.Hi,Well, its been many years since I had my most memorable Wiggy’s experience.I was a USAF Captain flying as an Aircraft Commander in the HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter with the 56th Rescue Squadron at Keflavik NAS in Iceland. (I was there 96-98).Our [...]

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