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a good video and more

THE STEPS SOME PEOPLE WILL TAKE TO GET THEIR WIGGY’S BAGFound this video about breathable fabrics and it reminded me of some of the testing you did years ago.https://youtu.be/1r6rxWvZdho?feature=sharedCheers, TimAnother you tube video coming to me out of the woodwork so to speak. This video caused me to recall and ad on television many years ago and their slogan. The [...]

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FROM OUT OF THE WOODWORKAs all of my readers know I have tried my best to show via demonstration and scientific evidence that the idea of a material being both waterproof and breathable is ridiculous, a sham and fraudulent to say the least and it has always been referring to goretex as well as their imitators.Over the years a [...]

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still another chemical

ANOTHER CHEMICAL TO PUT ON CLOTHING MATERIAL AS IF THERE AREN’T ENOUGH!!!HeiQ is a primary producer of textile chemicals and take every opportunity to create one where “they” see a need.The following article is about another chemical that can be introduced into the body of the wearer of this type of garment. HeiQ introduces an innovative anti-odor product addition [...]

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Pertex® Shield® Air PanelPertex® Shield Air - The new, super-breathable technology from Pertex®. We strategically construct our new ES sleeping bags with a panel of Pertex® Shield Air on the top to allow more moisture to vent, while maintaining warmth and minimizing excess humidity.The Shield Air membrane is a precisely engineered, electrospun nanofibre web, with an open network of interconnected pores. [...]

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ZIPPERSThe year was 1970 and I was pursuing selling the laminated Polar Guard now known as Lamilite. My primary target was the sleeping bag industry. I found a small manufacturer of down sleeping bags in NYC where i lived. I sat down with him and we made the very first Lamilite sleeping bag that I used on my boat [...]

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why sleeping bags [?] deteriorate

WHY SLEEPING BAGS DETERIORATEThe title of this article does not apply to Wiggy’s bags.I was recently told that some major brands that make what they claim are sleeping bags are having quality problems. It has to do with the fabrics made from microfibers. I had no knowledge of these microfiber fabrics so I did some research.Seems some of [...]

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AMAZING MATERIALS COSTSLast month I was offered a significant amount of domestic material [made in U.S.A.] that is the quality that I have been using for as long as I have been making sleeping bags all of it first quality and it is all pure finish [meaning they were made without any chemical additives such as dwr or fr]. [...]

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fire retardant

POLYESTER FABRICS ARE CHEAPER THAN NYLON FABRICSCompanies in the USA that contract with companies in Asia to make sleeping bags for them dictate what materials are to be used.Those materials are made in Asia.When I got into the sleeping bag business years ago every manufacturer used nylon fabric. Today many of the different model bags are made with polyester fabric, why [...]

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chopped staple fiberfill

CHOPPED STAPLE POLYESTER FIBERFILL BY ANY OTHER NAME IS STILL CHOPPED STAPLE POLYESTER FIBERFILL!!!Chopped staple polyester fiber was developed originally by a British chemical company ICI in the late 1950’s I believe. It was copied by Dupont, Celanese, and Eastman all of whom developed a fiberfill product made from polyester. What they made for fiberfill had to be able to [...]

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lamilite vs down

LAMILITE VS downThe following is part of a recent email,“By the way, last season I went hunting with my buddy and we got into camp late. I slept outside on a cot with my Wiggys bag. The dew was so heavy it was like it actually had rained overnight. I woke up completely dry and the bag was also [...]

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