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lamilite/climashield simply the best

walshgang5 First off it makes my stomach turn seeing those bags burn, although I know it’s necessary to demonstrate. How on earth has the DoD not adopted these as the STANDARD. It demonstrates what a Bureaucratic mess they are. I own an Ultralight, Superlight and [...]

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introduction to the video

sicilianeyeI have three different Wiggys' bags including the Ultima Thule and I think they're the greatest bags ever - and I use them in Alaska! I have to say I've never once given a thought to the flammability issue. I'm glad someone did. Hello Jerry, “...burning down makes a wonderful odor” ... LOL. A Wiggys Classic quotation, no doubt. A [...]

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comments about the video

NON-COMBUSTIBLE SLEEPING BAG VIDEOToday I made the video which should be on my you tube channel also today.It is also very self-evident the findings. The only thing I thought about after the video was finished pertains to the down bag that burned. I do not know what the down fill power rating was for down used in the bag, but [...]

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the fr test

ANOTHER TESTIMONIALHi Guys,Just got back from our annual whitetail camping trip and this year the temperature dipped into the low teens with gusty winds. Slept in my Hunter Ultima as usual this year wearing your fishnets and was perfectly fine (as usual).Yesterday it was in the single digits here in Illinois. As the sidewalks and trails are pretty much [...]

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lamilite socks for the motor cyclist

ANOTHER MARKET FOR LAMILITE SOCKSThe other day one of my customers sent me a link to a web site that deals in motorcycle garments and one of the products shown; his reason for sending the link, was the most incredible socks that a motor cyclist could wear to keep his/her feet warm.They were nothing more than a over the calf [...]

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the weather

THE FLOW OF TESTIMONIALS I AM VERY PLEASED TO SAY IS NEVER ENDINGJerry:I was pleasantly surprised when you mentioned in your e-mails that Ducksback garments would continue to be available. The combination of a Ducksback shell and Lamilite insulation makes Wiggys garments far superior to anything else on the market. Keep up the good work!-JimHello Jerry,I just wanted to say [...]

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The Only Non-Combustible Sleeping Bag

Yesterday the newsletter did not contain the picture so I am re-sending this newsletter with additional information. INHERENTLY FLAME-RETARDANT SLEEPING BAGS I hope the picture I have taken and printed at the top of this article is visible to all. For the past two weeks I have had a very tough time dealing with insurance companies with respect to the materials I [...]

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FOLLOW UP ON THE MARINE CORPSE COMPLAINTThe following is my email to the IG and then his response.-----Original Message-----From: Wiggys [mailto:wiggys@Wiggys.com] Sent: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 11:21 AMSubject: [Non-DoD Source] CASE NUMBER 22142I am still waiting for the proper description of the Over-Boots as to thetemperature capability they are supposed to perform at as well as thematerials that are [...]

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PURE-BSThe following article I am reprinting from the Sporting Goods Business online magazine. I do not believe this article like many others published on the SGB web site are meant for the general public but rather for the marketing companies that receive these emails daily as I do. This particular article is I believe a promotion for the second [...]

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a testimonial that knocked me off of my feet.

MORE ABOUT THE SOCKS AND MORE ABOUT EVERYTHINGThe following two emails were received yesterday. The first was from a Sgt. Based at Eielson AFB, Alaska. I trust he will be sharing his experience with the rest of the men he is serving with or at the least I hope so. I hope he also shares his experience with the jet [...]

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