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wiggy's bags are unique

WHY WIGGY’S BAGS ARE UNIQUEBut first I wanted to publish a comment that I received today on my u tube web site. Mike was issued a super light bag back then and he told me today several of the guys he served with are still using them. He was an officer in the US Army. [...]

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response to the nike article and other thoughts

RESPONSE TO MY REPRINT OF THE NIKE ARTICLEThe following came from a long-time customer and reader.Harry Truman liked to say, “The only things new in the world are the history you don’t know!”It seems, unless I’m mistaken, that Nike has forgotten history. If I’m correct, I recall that in the late 60s/early seventy’s Bogner made all sorts of claims about the insulated [...]

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The following article reprinted from Sportstextiles online publication. What is claimed is outrageous.Textile breakthrough can ‘protect the future of sport’, Nike says08/09/2022The vice-president for apparel innovation at Nike, Janett Nichol, has said a new material the sports company has developed, Nike Forward, is “a game-changing platform” and that it has the potential to “protect the planet and the future of sport”.The first two [...]

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government spending

GOVERNMENT SPENDINGAll government spending each year ends the end of September each year. I learned of this some years ago when gsa contractors would call me asking for the price of say a super light sleeping bag quantity of 50 or 100 or some other amount in the month of July. I would ask when they were needed so [...]

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#2 letter reprinted

A SECOND LETTER REPRINTED FOR ITS CONTENTOctober 2009Dear Jerry, I first heard of the Wiggy’s Bag about 15 years ago when I was stationed in Alaska with the Army. I was the commander and the light reconnaissance unit was required to perform Airborne operations and then spend days in the cold observing on the enemy. As you can imagine, the [...]

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GREAT OLD NEWSLETTERSeptember 17th, 2003 Jerry, Well, I never thought I’d be writing a letter and thanking you for saving my life, but well, that’s just what this note is for. I went on a caribou hunting trip with my twelve year old son over the past weekend, flying out on Friday to a remote wilderness area about two hundred miles [...]

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sock testimonials

THREE RESPONSES TO THE NEWSLETTER YESTERDAYThanks for this sock’s newsletter, Jerry. I have been enjoying my Lamilite socks with my running shoes for the two mile morning walk with the dogs. Yesterday one of them fell into their water bowl from the clothes hamper where my shoes and socks reside while I'm getting dressed. It was soaked but I [...]

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lamilite socks

LAMILITE SOCKS FOR AEROBIC ACTIVITYPurchased a pair of the 13inch Lamilite socks after speaking with the owner Jerry on size recommendation. I have no idea what sort of sorcery is involved in the manufacturing process, but my feet legit stay dry after wearing for several hours at a time in high activity. You expect your feet to be soaked because [...]

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retired military testimonial

LATEST TESTIMONIAL FROM A RETIRED MILITARY INDIVIDUALJerry, I found your post on the GI-issue bag with the history very interesting. A couple years ago, you and I spoke regarding an order but I don't think I told you something which is: Around 2005, I was part of the Contingency Response Group at Travis AFB CA. (I am retired USAF.) The [...]

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MUKLUKS AND THE MARINES AND THE ARMY IN ALASKAIn 2018 three companies received orders of 150 pair each of their mukluks. Wiggy’s, outdoor research and a third company whose name I forgot since they backed out and Wiggy’s received a second order for 150 pair. I suspect Natick would have preferred to give the order to outdoor research, [...]

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