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what our customers are saying ;

What Our Customers are Saying...Great Bags, made in America!I was first exposed to a Wiggy's sleeping bag when one was issued to me (Army) around two thousand. I had it for a few years and was impressed by the warmth. I also noticed the artisanship and that it maintained its fill and seams despite repeated use. Years later, when I was replacing [...]

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How many of you remember a product named “outlast”? If not here is a quick history. NASA created micro encapsulating paraffin and applied these beads of paraffin to surfaces in space craft. The idea was the paraffin would absorb heat [the paraffin would get soft when it absorbed the heat and them would get hard when it [...]

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I just read an article in today’s morning online issue of Sporting Goods Business that astounded me.“Oros Labs Secures $22M in Series B FundingThe thermal solutions company serves an array of dual-use applications. The funding round was led by Airbus Ventures.” I read more of the article and then went to the oros web site to find out why [...]

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arctic survival

Arctic Spark Innovation Lab Takes Steps in Upgrading Cold Weather Gear Published March 2, 2023 By Airman 1st Class Quatasia Carter JBER Public AffairsJOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska -- History shows innovation and creative solutions win wars, save time, lives and money.This statement may be true , but in the case of what you will be reading it simply does [...]

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memorial day sale

MEMORIAL DAY SLEEPING BAG SALEStarting today and running until May 28 four sleeping bags are now priced as follows:ULTIMA THULE $230.00ANTARCTIC BAG $250.00HUNTER ULTIMA THULE $240.00HUNTER ANTARCTIC BAG $255.00We built a large inventory of these bags based on quantities that the military was asking for. Some of the orders materialized and some didn’t.The end result is the inventory which I [...]

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bugout kit

Survival Kit Items for U.S. Air Force Product DescriptionThe kit as a whole consists of six components:A poncho that can be worn or converted to a sleeping bagA pant that closes on each side with hook and loopAn insulated head coverBoot covers that go to the kneeMittens that go above the elbowA carry bag to hold all of the componentsAll of the components [...]

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BASTARDIZE; to lower in condition or worth; debase:Various companies have for years have entered into the field of insulation with the exception of Climashield these companies have failed to make a product that actually works. The Climashield product is made of continuous filament fiber and used properly as we use it at Wiggy’s it outperforms all products that preceded [...]

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CLO TESTING It has been many years since I have written about “clo testing” but today I have surfaced a test report paid for in December 2010 by a reseller of my sleeping bags to the Chilian military. This test was the turning point for them to buy my Super Light FTRSS (two bag sleep system). [...]

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camping quilt

SUMMERTIME CAMPING QUILTFor the past few years, I have seen companies offering camp quilts for summertime use.I just realized that I have been making one for a number of years originally offered as a TV blanket.If you are interested in a warm weather Lamilite insulated quilt we now have one.$115.00

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One of my customers wrote in response to my last article that the thermal q insulation used by mountain hardwear for their bozeman 30 bags was actually made by primaloft. The following is a reprint of an article I wrote when the product was first introduced.another jimdandy insulationPosted by Jerry Wigutow on Oct 7th, 2015MORE [...]

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