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compact sleeping bag

COMPACTING THE ALL PURPOSE SUMMER BAG The other day a fellow came in looking for a warm weather bag to put in a pannier on his motorcycle. So, I pulled out the All Purpose Summer Bag for him to see.He then asked how small it will compact, so, I gave him the medium compression stuff sack. The dimensions [...]

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idiots on display

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IS REPRINTED FROM SPORTSTEXTILES A UNITED KINGDOM PUBLICATION. I FIND IT INSULTING AND ALL ASSOCIATED WITH THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY WORLD-WIDE SHOULD ALSO BE INSULTED.Byborre raises €3.2m for sustainable textile development 03/06/2020Amsterdam-based textile innovation brand Byborre has raised €3.2 million in series A round funding. The money will be used to accelerate the company’s on-demand textile platform [...]

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warmth in a sleeping bag

WARMTH RETENTION IN A SLEEPING BAGYesterday I wrote about the proper size sleeping bag one should purchase, and I stress that it should fit roomie (I did not state that, but that is how the bag should fit). Now some will say that if it is to roomie there is more space to heat. This is true but if [...]

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sleeping bag sizing

CHOSING THE CORRECT SIZE SLEEPING BAGThe subject applies to purchasing mummy shaped sleeping bags only. Our rectangular bags are only made in one size.There are to aspects of the size of the bag to consider; the length and the width in the torso.It is important to understand that when you get into a sleeping bag your body is going to [...]

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a breath of fresh air

How is this for a week ending testimonial!Hi Jerry and team! Thanks so much for the fantastic products, I am a true fan with a growing collection. My favorite and most used piece is the poncho liner. I use it as a tv blanket, but it goes with me everywhere I travel because I sleep like a baby with it. I live [...]

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non-useful companies

JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION This morning I read an article in the online publication of Sporting Goods Business about Adidas and Allbirds shoe companies joining forces to create new shoes that would have a smaller carbon footprint. The following explains what they are trying to accomplish. I quote the following from the article. “The press release announcing this collaboration quoted a study [...]

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THE GROWTH OF THE FACE MASK BUSINESS IS ENCOURAGING THE PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE COMPANIES TO JOIN IN.The Outdoor Research Essential Face Mask program will launch with masks available to retailers and consumers by early to mid- June. The Essential Face Mask Kit is designed around a proprietary and replaceable filter integrated in a form-fitting, fully customizable fabric face mask. Designed with both outdoor [...]

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the dinner bell

SHRIMP AND SCALLOP DISHThis recipe is in my opinion not only the simplest way to cook these two items but yields in my opinion the tastiest of all methods.Kok and Pum (his wife) visit with me most every Saturday for lunch and of course we speak about business as well after lunch.Several months ago, I told them I would make [...]

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tour of the factory

A TOUR OF THE WIGGY’S FACTORYFive or so years ago I made my first video; A TOUR OF THE WIGGY’S FACTORY. While it has been viewed 6000 times since publication many people have called to ask where the Wiggy products are made. They do not know that the video exists since it is on the videos page.So, I asked my [...]

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an unnecessary expedition

POLAR-APPROVED GEARThe above is the title of this article that I have republished from “specialty fabrics review; May 2020 issue”. Whoever APPROVED the polar gear is a very sadistic human being.Imagine what it takes to survive skiing 1,426 miles across the Arctic in the winter while battling -58° F temperatures and hurricane force winds. Alex Hibbert, George Bullard and [...]

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