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EXCLUSIVITYWiggy’s is very fortunate today. Wiggy’s at this time has two exclusive products to use to make its products; LAMILITE and DUCKSBACK material.Why are these two fabrics exclusive to me, because no other company wants to buy them.This all means that anyone who buys a Wiggy’s product with Lamilite gets to own an exclusive product, and anyone who gets to [...]

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THE MARINE CORPSRecently I have been very harsh on the Marine Corps because of the over boot/mukluk activity so I am putting that business aside to tell you my positive history with the Marine Corps.In 1992 I received a call from one Major Jim S____ who told me he was a mountain climber and he used my products and wanted [...]

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ducksback is here to stay

DUCKSBACK FABRICBecause of the over whelming comments from customers who have been wearing a Ducksback jacket or other garment saying that my customers will gladly pay the extra money for a Ducksback garment I should not discontinue making products with the fabric.I went back to the mill and asked if they would share the increase in cost, and if [...]

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more reasons to buy and own Lamilite socks

But first a testimonial. Reprinted from the comments section of his order.In Scouting for over 25 years -finally retired - remember lots of 0-5-degree nights near nekked in a Wiggy’s bag that kept me toasty all night in a summer nylon tent. Also a lot of winter 'campouts' in the military/National Guard that kept me toasty. Used the issued bag [...]

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YOU CANNOT TELL ME DIFFERENTLYFor the past two years I have been wearing my Lamilite socks with my chukker boots or 10-inch boots once the winter showed up. Well it has showed up in spades here in Grand Junction.This morning when I left my house the temperature showing up on my dashboard was 14. Two hours later when I took [...]

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the freedom shelter and sleeping bag

THE BEAUTY OF THE ECOTAT FREEDOM SHELTERBut first a testimonial.Hi Jerry,I wanted to let you know that the booties are a hit with my girlfriend. She's loving them. She likes the socks. I haven't used the socks yet, but I will after the 9th when deer season opens in Minnesota. I've used a mitten (Kodiak) a few times when I'm reading [...]

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is it confrontational?

RESPONDING TO YESTERDAYS ARTICLE.I do not know if the following comments pertaining to yesterdays article is confrontational or simply questioning if things can be done differently. Hi JerryI just read your latest newsletter about the mukluks ...There is something I do not really comprehend, is:why is it necessary for your Overboots or Mukluks to have both waterproofed shell and lining?The shell [...]

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eating crow

MORE INFORMATION PERTAINING TO YESTERDAYS ARTICLEBut first a response from yesterdays, article.“It would be nice if the Wiggy’s wearing public could somehow pressure at least one of these companies.”My response was they basically are immune to being embarrassed to do something positive.And a testimonial. Hi.My brother is a "Wiggy's Man". He has many of your products and always talks [...]

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how to correct ongoing mistakes

SINCE 1968Since 1968 when I started selling the laminated Polar Guard the original Lamilite and conversing with Frank Calibrese the textile technologist at Natick labs I offered to him what I was learning. I was excited about what I was learning and assumed he would be too. After all, eliminating the quilt stitching and having a uniform loft meant [...]

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Computer Glitch

The article from yesterday had the following letter and report scanned to the article but it was not copied and sent with the article. My web site guru explained why, not that I fully comprehended his explanation. He knows his stuff and I know  mine. When you view the letter note the date of May [...]

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