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the good thing is still very available from Wiggy's.

THEY DON’T KNOW A GOOD THING WHEN THEY HAVE IT!!!I keep exposing the folly of all of the U.S. Army’s testing laboratory for insulation. As I have reported the continuous filament fiber was first exposed as a finished product to the outerwear and sleeping bag industry in 1968. The military was the original reason that Celanese Corporation developed the machine [...]

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let us swindle the american taxpayer

The following article is being reprinted from SGB online magazine web site. In my opinion this is a colossal swindle of the American taxpayer’s money!!!SWINDLE according to the dictionary; to obtain by fraud or deceitPortland, OR, October 17, 2019 – OROS, the brand behind SOLARCORE – a ground-breaking insulation that incorporates aerogel, the least conductive material known to humankind – [...]

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TNF has the gall of galls

FUTURELIGHT WATERPROOF MAYBE BUT DEFINITELY NOT BREATHABLETHE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IS BEING PRINTED IN ITS ENTIRETY WITH MY COMMENTS ADDED.At a media event in New York City in early October, The North Face celebrated the launch of Futurelight with a performance by Grammy Award-winning songwriter Mura Masa and an elaborate art installation telling the story of breathable, waterproof protection delivered by [...]

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lets try dying

UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLEYesterday I published an article about a 50-year-old man who found out that he would die if not rescued because his down bag became worthless because it was wet, and he was caught in a snowstorm.This fellow could be a poster boy for why you need several Wiggy’s products when you adventure out, regardless if [...]

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wiggy bag mean survival bags

IF ONLY HE HAD A WIGGY’S SLEEPING BAGHi Jerry,If you haven’t seen this on today’s internet, I thought you’d enjoy it. Apparently, this guy almost froze to death in a storm. He said: “My sleeping bag and tent are just completely soaked and probably ruined, and I have no dry clothes.” Odds are good he had a down bag and jacket. Cheers, [...]

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a 3 testimonial morning

WHAT CAN I SAY THAT I HAVE NOT SAID!When I started my day at my computer the first folder, I open is my emails. The following three were there. What can I say more other than it is a great way to start the day!Dear Mr. Wiggy,I wanted to thank you for the clothing your company has manufactured and [...]

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cost increases due to shipping

SHIPPING COST INCREASES WILL CAUSE MY PRICES TO INCREASEYesterday Estella my head of shipping and my office manager Donna came to me disturbed by what they have learned about the shipping costs from the US Postal Service that will be going into effect January 1, 2020.The basic cost increase will be 4.1 percent. Having heard this, I called my Federal [...]

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Loving Testimonials

YOU BET I LOVE TESTIMONIALS!Your comment about loving testimonials motivated me to write this. My wife and I just finished a camping trip to Central California Coast and while only cool and dry, low temps in the mid 40’s with an ocean breeze makes it chilly for suburban wives. But she was toasty warm in her stylish blue Ducksback [...]

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i just love testimonials

TESTIMONIALSWHAT W.L. GORE HAS NEVER RECEIVED IN 50 YEARSHere is one more testimonial about a Wiggy product to go with the many thousands that have preceded it.TV BLANKETIt’s not just the incredible product, it’s the people behind it!My wife shocked me a few years ago when she started stealing my higher-end, non-issue woobie. With her birthday a little over week [...]

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letters and investigations

A PLEASANT TESTIMONIALJerry, I received the custom Ducksback insulated poncho today. I went with the L3 insulation and OD green. You mention the price would be $150 whether it was L6 or L3. I think $150 is still a bargain for what I’m getting. And due to your conservative temp ratings, I’m glad I went with L3 in the end.Thank you [...]

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