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two responses

TWO RESPONSES TO LAST NIGHTS ARTICLEHi, Jerry I looked this up, it's in Wikipedia! It's called the tragedy of Antuco of 2005. Five companies of conscript teenagers, a little under five hundred of them, were sent into the mountains by Major Patricio Cereceda. They were around five thousand feet above sea level when they got hit by a storm and caught [...]

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military sleeping bags

SLEEPING BAGS AND THE MILITARY?Does the military actually issue to the grunts sleeping bags or do they issue “no sleep sleeping bags”? The latter is in my opinion the more factual answer to the question.Factually in summer of 1993 I created specifically for the USMC a two bag sleep system. A representative of the USMC went to the outdoor retailer [...]

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more about shipping

ONE RESPONSE TO MY DECISION TO HAVE SIGNATURE REQUIREDHi Jerry, FYI - About a year ago, I ordered a $10,000 item that came in a "Signature Required" box. It was shipped "Signature Required", and I was home watching for it. The doorbell rang so I immediately stood up [...]

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shipping policy

NEW SHIPPING POLICYIt is now that time of year that we begin to experience theft of packages delivered to homes via Federal Express our primary carrier.We have been experiencing several thefts and the only way we have to combat these thefts is if the packages must be signed for.We have no choice since even ensuring the packages has proven not [...]

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A SLEEPING BAG IS YOUR SALVATIONNumerous people backpack into the wilderness all year round and every one of them takes a sleeping bag which some take [Wiggy’s made sleeping bags] and others take what I refer to as “no sleep sleeping bags” available from a host of other companies. I saw on the Moosejaw web site a list of 573 [...]

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GAITER DISCONTINUED COLORSBut first for those of you who do not know the meaning of the initials gsa, it is short for general services administration.Now for gaiters we have tan, desert camo, woodland camo and army acu in stock. Regular price is $80.00, sale price $50.00 each. To get the insulated layer is still an additional $30.00.They are [...]

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gsa advantage

GSA ADVANTAGEAll gsa contract holders have a published schedule on the gsa advantage web site. All of the products they have can be categorized. So, if a potential buyer wants sleeping bags, they can go to an individual company’s schedule or the sleeping bag list.Not being a contract holder, I cannot offer Wiggy bags directly but a gsa contract [...]

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buying a sleeping bag

WHEN BUYING A SLEEPING BAGI have seen a few blogs that have advice about buying sleeping bags. I find it interesting to note not one of these authors has ever made a sleeping bag and therefore, they have no knowledge of the materials involved in the making of sleeping bags.They do not know if the materials used by the [...]

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sleep socks are free with each sleeping bag ordered

SPECIAL ADDITON TO ALL SLEEPING BAG PURCHASESStarting today when you purchase a sleeping bag you will receive with it a pair of sleeping socks. All you will have to do is note the size you want.If you were to order more than one sleeping bag you will be able to get a pair of sleeping socks with each bag ordered.

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SALE: Special on Tan Super Light Mummy Style Sleeping Bags

SUPER LIGHT MUMMY SLEEPING BAG SPECIAL Recently I was offered and purchased several thousand yards of a tan colored 1.9 ounce ripstop nylon for a very friendly price. It is all first quality material made in the USA. Today you will find on the website the ability to purchase the following bag. SUPER LIGHT SIZES AVAILABLE; REGULAR WIDE BODY AND LONG WIDE BODY ONLY FOOT [...]

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