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selling to foreign militaries

SELLING TO FOREIGN MILITARYBecause of all of the warring taking place several foreign militaries are creating a sleeping bag they believe will serve their purposes. Unfortunately, those in charge of developing the sleeping bag do not have a clue to what they are doing.These individuals do not know anything about the insulating materials, they do not know about the shell [...]

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maintaining selling price

MAINTAINING SELLING PRICESFor the past 4 years I have ben able to keep my sleeping bag prices as low or lower than the giant companies that claim to sell sleeping bags, the claim is unfounded. What they actually sell are “no sleep sleeping bags”.That said recently I reviewed what is available on the web sites of rei and moosejaw.When [...]

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shipping to alaska

SHIPPING TO ALASKAAs all Alaskans know you have to pay the cost of shipping. I just realized that we ship for free in the lower 48. So, we are now going to discount all sleeping bags sold to Alaskans by $20.00. just to make sure you understand it is $20.00 per bag, if you order 2 or more the [...]

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magical bag

sleeping bag magicHi wiggly I moved to Alaska 22yr ago and found your sleeping bags via my father in law at the time. They have never been out of my sight each winter since. I live in Fairbanks and seasonally would stay in a wall tent through deep winters -45°f and down. Your bags let me forget the pack [...]

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wiggs and a fossil ridge parka

WIGGSAbout two years ago I started getting calls from old women, by their voices I knew that. They were calling to know where their wig was, or if they could return the wig they received because the color was wrong, or if they could return the one, they received for a refund. There were more reasons to contact the [...]

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calf jackets

CALF JACKETSI am not a farmer, but I have learned since living in western Colorado that this is the time of year when calves are born. Recently a local rancher and a rancher in Oklahoma who had purchased a couple of calf jackets told me of the same experience. A calf being born and performing poorly and since [...]

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flat batts

FIBERFILL INSULATION GOING FLATIt has been brought to my attention by an old friend who worked in the polyester fiber for fiberfill industry starting in the mid 1960’s so he knows more about how the fiberfill quality fiber is made.He told me the problem that people are experiencing their polyester fiberfill jackets and sleeping bags losing their loft i.e., going flat [...]

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mittens vs gloves

MITTENS VS GLOVESThe following email received over the weekend is as good an explanation of why you want to wear mittens when it is cold.Thank you, Kolby.“Hello again Jerry, my wife and I have been using our mittens for snowboarding and absolutely love them, we have normal ski gloves from cheap $15 to $150+! All of which have fleece lining… [...]

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superior to fleece

WHY LINER JACKETS ARE SO GOODThe following e mail I received this past weekend.Thank you very much for your prompt response in getting me the sleeping socks that were missing from my last order. I have 4 pair now, enough for every member of my family. They are great to wear in boots when camping. Also great for sleeping.And [...]

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