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LAMILITEDamian Bloodstone I love your slumber bag for winter sleeping inside. I washed it recently and it only took 2 hours to completely dry while hanging in my shower. Never lost the loft as other bags have in the past. Your insulation is nearly bomb proof. I have other bags, socks, sundowners, and coats made with your insulation and [...]

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a new super duper insulation

The following advertisement I have copied from SGB’s web site. Outdoor research company is trying once again to offer an insulating material used in garments they make. This could be their fifth maybe attempt at making an insulation for use in the garments they make.Sometime back when the Polar Guard factory was damaged by an earthquake in California so [...]

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Isbjörn of Sweden’s FW23 Collection Uses PrimaLoft’s Ocean Bound InsulationPosted by SGB Media | October 25, 2022PrimaLoft Insulation with ocean-bound plastic is certified by OceanCycle, which ensures the material’s proximity to coastlines, is ethically sourced with end-to-end traceability, documented from collection through to manufacturing.This company known as primaloft will do anything to try and attract customers. Their latest brian child is to [...]

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testimonials and insulation

SOME RECENT TESTIMONIALSIn the late 80's I worked part time at an Outdoor Sporting goods store in Durham, North Carolina. We sold Wiggys bags. I was going to buy one for myself and got a lot of tech information from reps of different companies. When I called Wiggys Jerry answered the phone. His advice, "if you buy another [...]

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New Testing Shows High Levels of BPA In Sports Bras and Athletics New Testing Shows High Levels of BPA In Sports Bras and Athletic ShirtsPosted by SGB Media | Oct 20, 2022 | Apparel, SGB Updates, Sports/Fitness, UpdateOn Wednesday, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) sent legal notices to eight brands of sports bras and six brands of athletic shirts after [...]

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ZIPPERSJerry,Recently while camping, the Wiggy’s zipper was tested yet again. The temperature at bedtime was in the low 50’s and we woke up to a brisk 37 degrees. As a senior aged camper approaching 70, I found the need to relieve myself during the night. I simply unzipped my Wiggy’s bag and went about my business and climbed back [...]

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IS IT INSANITY?This afternoon I received a call from an air force guy wanting a quote for my Antarctic bag, Ultima Thule bag and the Over bag a quantity of 12 systems complete. He told me they were going to the Brooks Range in Alaska.He further told me he wanted them vacuum packed. I asked why? They were back [...]

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AWARDING CONTRACTSA number of years ago I was visited by a young guy maybe 30 years of age on his way back home in a believe Santa Fe, N.M.He wanted to visit with me because he had received a grant from the U.S. Navy to develop an insulation for sleeping bags. if memory serves correctly, I spoke [...]

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RESEARCH AT NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY KOSTAS RESEARCH INSTITUTEThis university research institute is mentioned in the articles I published as involved in the research surrounding oros aerogel insulation. Therefore, I decided to call the KRI to inquire as to the nature of what they would be doing with oros and what knowledge they had in the field of insulation. Having not been [...]

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HONESTYI have a difficult time with honesty exhibited by companies. Actually, it is the fact that I believe many companies do not exhibit honesty, at all.For 50 years I have written primarily naming gore that waterproof material that is also breathable [vapor permeable] does not exist but they and a myriad of other companies have followed making the same claim. [...]

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