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THE SECOND BIGGEST HOAX TO BE PLAYED ON THE UNSUSPECTING CONSUMER, GORETEX WAS THE FIRST.The following article is being reprinted from SNEWS the online publication serving the outdoor industry, although I saw it in a previous online publication the day before.“Walmart made big news in the outdoor industry three years ago when it snapped up the cult-favorite specialty gear chain [...]

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enjoying experiences

TESTIMONIALSMy girlfriend (Sharon) ordered me one of your super light 0* rectangle bags with hood on Monday. Can't wait to get it. I had an old used and abused super light that I bought secondhand years ago and it still outperformed all the new high-end bags my friends had by a long shot. Great bag! I'm looking at getting [...]

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one more company trying to sell what is impossible to make

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IS REPRINTED FROM “SPOTSTEXTILE” ONLINE PUBLICATION.Material’s cooling power confirmed by independent testing 12/05/2020A UK-based superabsorbent materials manufacturer has had the cooling properties of one of its fabrics verified by the Hohenstein Institute and says the fabric can be used by garment and accessory manufactures for cooling and sweat management applications. I wonder how much Technical Absorbents [...]

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going into the wild

GOING OUT INTO THE WILDSI have as I believe many of you heard or read that getting out into the sunshine is good for us with respect to the coronavirus situation and our health. It may not be the best thing to be in crowded places but certainly in the mountains.Air travel was a bummer for the last 20 [...]

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face mask testimonial

THE FIRST FACE MASK TESTIMONIALA Great Mask for My NeedsI received both masks today. I have a small face and thought they were large at first. Then I realized the included bungee cords could be used to tighten or realign the mask for my face. It fit perfectly once I tied one to each ear loop with a little [...]

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PRODUCTION BACK IN THE USA?In 1934 Winston Churchill said the following:“We cannot afford to confide the safety of our country to the passions or the panic of any foreign nation which may be facing some desperate crisis. We must be free. We must preserve our full latitude and discretion of choice.”In view of the current situation that our country is facing [...]

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face masks

FACE MASKS ARE THE SUBJECTI received the masks and they are lovely. I have placed many orders online these days. Your orders are exceptional in that they arrive quickly and in good condition. Also, the company has some very polite and courteous ways. It is a pleasure to work with you. Stay safe, stay well, take care. G. [...]

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Wiggy's in the News

GJ company makes survival gear for Air Force Jerry Wigutow, left owner of Wiggys Factory,2482 Industrial Blvd.with VP Kok Bou.Wiggy is making sleeping bags and survival gear for Air Force.The company dog Cookie photo bombs. Article by Patti Arnold Photos by Christopher Tomlinson/The Daily Sentinel Jerry Wigutow, owner of Wiggy’s Inc., 2482 Industrial Blvd in Grand Junction, is shown [...]

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I HAVE READ ROBERT TRACINSKI FOR YEARS I HOPE YOU ENJOY AND LEARN AS I DID FROMTHIS ARTICLE, IT IS LENTHY BUT VERY MUCH WORTH THE READ.April 23, 2020 FEATURE ARTICLE Dystopia for the DurationThe Philosophy of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Part 4 by Robert TracinskiThe question of what we ought to do during the pandemic has been [...]

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what is a virus

WHAT EXACTLY IS A VIRUS?The following article was sent to me explaining what a virus really is.Johns Hopkins University has sent this detailed note on avoiding the contagion: * The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (RNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or [...]

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