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A RECAP OF 2023Sleeping bag sales have led the way.People all over this country and Canada have been the primary buyers. Sales in Europe have been okay but if their economy were better, I expect sales would have been better.People have learned that the Wiggy bags simply outperform the no sleep sleeping bags that are sold at retail. [...]

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“CausesExperts don't fully understand the cause of Raynaud's attacks. But blood vessels in the hands and feet appear to react too strongly to cold temperatures or stress.With Raynaud's, arteries to the fingers and toes narrow when exposed to cold or stress. The narrowed arteries limit blood flow. Over time, these small arteries can thicken slightly and limit blood flow even [...]

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MY YEAGER LITHOGRAPH COLLECTIONToday all 5 of my lithographs will be published on my web site.There are two very special copies. One is his last military flight which is 1 of 1947. 1947 represents the year he broke the sound barrier. And this last flight was on the 50 anniversary.The second is one of 4 presentation copiers and they are never [...]

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history of synthetic insulation

THE HISTORY OF SYNTHETIC INSULATIONI moved the u tube video to the opening page of Wiggy’s website.I thought it would be informative for you to understand what fibers are now used in the outerwear that you see on the racks of jackets in clothing stores.As I said in the video, when DUPONT, EASTMAN KODAK AND CELANESE were supplying [...]

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What follows is the most ridiculous explanation of what a material can do because it can’t!!!Powered by a super-polymer06/12/2023Already in use in adidas exercise apparel, a composite thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) called Rheon has now gone into the brand’s clothing for runners, providing, in an unusual way, dynamic support to key muscle groups.Sports brand adidas has begun using material from Rheon Labs [...]

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warmth from knitwear?

Warmth and functionality from new Teijin knitwear collection05/12/2023Fibre developer Teijin Frontier has launched a new collection of seamless knitwear for outdoor sports, giving it the name Microft AR.It describes the collection as offering warmth and comfort combined, with a high functionality. It will launch Microft AR in time for the autumn-winter 2024-2025 season and has predicted that it will sell 100,000 [...]

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WHAT TO WEAR?Good question when winter is upon us. I get the question very often as the weather changes from warm to cold.Before I answer the question there is some information you need to know and understand.An adult human body contains 50 to 65 percent water. When we consume food, our fuel, we burn it and that heat produced causes [...]

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coffee container for insulation

COFFEE CONTAINERS IS THE NEWEST INSULATIONI saw that Mammut was showing a new insulated garment so, I went to their web site to learn more about this incredible insulation that incorporates a form of coffee I was/am still unfamiliar with; Nespresso capsules. Read on.Mammut x Nespresso IN Flex Hooded Jacket MenThe extraordinary insulation jacket with synthetic fibersDescriptionStay warm in wet [...]

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sale up date

SALEI have updated the remaining items.10% discount apply to the remaining itemIn the meantime, Kok found 8 pair of size 8 pack boots with a composite toe [hard toe]. $100.00 per pair. When we made them they were about $225.00?Amazing what will show up in a 26000 square foot factory.Hope your turkey day was fabulous.

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UP DATED INVENTORY OF OUR WINTER PARKAS AND BIBSI had Estella who handles our inventory review what we have left since our previous sales.If you see an item or two that you want as before, email me your choice[s] giving me your address as well as your phone number. Some chose to call me, please don’t. it is first come [...]

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