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an interesting comment

INTERESTING COMMENT AND OTHER INTERESTING THINGSA fellow named Zack commented on my U TUBE web site how much he enjoyed the ‘Tour of the Factory” video. However, he also commented twice that I was not the only sleeping bag maker in the country.I beg to disagree. If you make a sleeping bag as I do its purpose is to allow [...]

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FACE MASKSWe received a significant number of orders for these masks, more that I expected, but I am grateful for the orders.There are two things I want you to be aware of; number one; these masks are not returnable and number two; we want you to wash them thoroughly before using. While we have taken the most care as we [...]

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a new vaccine?

A NEW VACCINE?Earlier today I was reading about when a vaccine would be available for everyone to get so the would be protected from this coronavirus and the time frame is out 18 months or possibly longer. There seems to be all sorts of in fighting by the political people involved and the drug companies as well. This indicates [...]

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Where the coronavirus hides in your bodyThe novel coronavirus can stow away in your throat without you knowing it, and every time you cough you’re broadsiding the people around you with the virus. To stay healthy and contain SARS-CoV-2, stay home and keep your distanceSARS-CoV-2 starts replicating in the throat, not the lungs. For that reason, a simple throat swab is [...]

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face mask policy

FACE MASK POLICYPlease note that the face masks are not returnable items.Please note that I recommend that they be washed before use.While we wear masks and disinfect the work areas it is always best under the circumstances that the masks be washed. It will not hurt them because I recommend that they be laundered as often as [...]

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Introducing the Multicam Face Mask

LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN IDENTIFY MY RIFLE. I was in conversation with a friend who works at an air base and told him I was making face masks. He then told me that the guys on the base were wearing all manner of coverings trying to be in uniform and asked if I could make a multicam face [...]

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stay safe

BUYING A SLEEPING BAG TODAYI went on the sierra trading post web site and found it was not functioning.That is a good thing, the reason for it is not. They have been closed down because of the virus. I did not know they were one of the tjmaxx companies. They closed all of their divisions.Anyway, anyone wanting a [...]

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DUCKSBACKHi Jerry,Just got back from running 5 miles in a pouring rain in 48° weather. This is the first time I really tested the Ducksback material. Wore a fishnet top under a shirt and the Alaska Range Parka shell in Ducksback. The Ducksback worked great! I didn’t overheat and the water just rolled off. There were a few people [...]

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correct temperatures

CORRECT TEMPERATURE RATINGSUnmatched ValueI now own three of the super light bags from Wiggy's, and unlike so many other manufacturers of sleeping bags, the temperature rating you see online is indeed the temperature that you can sleep at AND keep warm! My friend and I took our bags to northern Michigan in late January for their 'maiden voyage' if [...]

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FINALLY, SOME GOOD NEWS FOR WIGGY’SAgain And Again and Yet Again!Have purchased 3 comforters (+ other items). 1 for me, 1 for the wife, and 1 the daughter (I FINALLY get my own!)– David StewartBest RaingearIf you're looking for great raingear, look no further. The coverage on this is great, and its kept me dry being out in pouring rain for [...]

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