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lets hear it for the ladies

LETS HEAR IT FOR THE LADIESTwo Nights At -50 -- No ProblemI was on an expedition by dog team from Nenana to Nome in 2020 and spent two nights on the Yukon River in February when it was -50 below. We were in an unheated tent. You will not be cold with this bag! It was nice and [...]

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TIME TO REFLECTTime To Reflect - The 1% Special GroupIt’s great being part of the 1% Special Group! This special group was born between 1930 & 1946 = 16 years. In 2021, the age range is between 75 & 91. Are you "still here?" Or do you know someone in the 1%? Interesting Facts For You To Know You are the [...]

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WIGGY CHANGES LIVESWiggy's Changed My LifeWiggyMy early backpacking career was spent crawling into claustrophobic slim-line mummies, which for me, at 6' 4" and 220 lbs., tended to take all the fun out of the outdoors. When I discovered Wiggy's and started buying his bags, it was a revelation. It was possible to sleep comfortably in the back-country! Sure, they are [...]

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More Emails

MORE EMAILS Dear Jerry,I've purchased multiple bags and pieces of equipment from you from over the years. I believe you to make some of the best sleeping equipment out there that is man-made. I love your bags, my girlfriend loves your bags, our child loves your bags. My daughter lovers you bags so much it is her preferred "blanket" to [...]

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more from customers

ANOTHER CUSTOMER RECOGNIZING THE QUALITY OF THE ZIPPERHi JerryOne thing I didn't fully appreciate when I first bought your sleeping bags mumble, mumble years ago were some of the features or component selections. Coil type zippers for example are ubiquitous in hiking and camping gear, and they pretty much "Suck" as the kids say. The large tooth zippers used in Wiggy's products [...]

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SUSTAINABILITYHi there!Here's a testimonial for you.I have a Wiggy 0F bag and I'm very happy to report the accuracy of the temp ratings. Last winter (2021) my son's BSA Troop camped out in some pretty cold weather. The forecast said it would be 0F and I thought, "what a great test of my new sleeping bag." equipped with [...]

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the only sleeping bag for Alaska

THE SLEEPING BAG YOU NEED WHEN HUNTING IN ALASKA OR ANY PLACE ELSEHey JerryI bought a few bags from you this past August for me and my guys. We went to Alaska for a hunt and wanted to let you know they were fantastic. Everyone was extremely satisfied with the bags! Jeremy WilliamsHaving read Jeremy’s email, you now know [...]

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chuck yeager

Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrierThe documentary is showing on the Smithsonian channel. They started showing it on the 12th and I saw it complete last night at 9 pm. This documentary is more a story about Chuck [I can say Chuck since I had the opportunity to meet him and gave him a tour of my factory in [...]

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A CHARACTER?I’m 70 years old and have hunted in some of the most inhospitable places in the United States. I own thousands of dollars’ worth of hunting clothing including kuiu, Sitka, Kings Camo, and many others. When it gets really cold, I go to my Wiggy's clothing. Jerry, the owner of Wiggy's is a character, but he worth listening to because [...]

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number 2

WILL THEY EVER GET IT RIGHT? #2Wiggy,I just read your article on will they ever get it right. This is a testimonial to you. I just received a close out Alaska Range Parka in Olive Drab, all I have to say is wow!! I purchased an original of the above and it was the one with two snap [...]

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