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more waterproof breathable lunacy

THE LUNACY OF WATERPROOF BREATHABLE“Gill Fishing, the manufacturer of foul weather and technical apparel for anglers, introduced its latest collection of breathable waterproof fabrics with XPEL technology blocking stains from contaminants found in the water. “Unfortunately, many breathable jackets that claim to be waterproof eventually let water in, while the old-school rain slicks made of impermeable materials, which effectively block [...]

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the subject is gore

THE SUBJECT IS GORE AND HOW THEY DO THINGS50 years ago, when gore started marketing their ptfe film [Teflon film] laminated to nylon fabrics for use by jacket manufacturers claiming waterproof and breathable they received a strong response. They did have a problem laminating the ptfe film smoothly to the nylon so they covered the ptfe film with a polyethylene, [...]

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LONGEVITYLast week I published a testimonial from a former 10th group soldier who has been using my Ultima Thule since it was issued to him 31 years ago while stationed in Germany.Yesterday a local fellow who was special forces several years ago who had purchased numerous Super Light sleep systems from me came in with two friends from out [...]

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STILL ONE MORE NEW INSULATIONTHE FOLLOWING WAS SEEN IN SPORTSSTYLE WEB SITEThis latest insulation that I read about today is cutting edge. It comes from Toray a company that employs probably a thousand people all of whom are devoid of insulation knowledge. They have engaged an American company KUIU to use it in their line of hunting clothing. First is [...]

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choice to learn or not

THE CHOICE NOT TO AQUIRE KNOWLEDGEFor years I have tried to impart knowledge about insulation Lamilite to the military [Natick Laboratories primarily and my sleeping bags] all to no avail.Natick’s problem is that we the taxpayers who pay for Natick’s existence do not hire people who have any knowledge of insulation nor do these individuals have any interest in learning about [...]

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SOLICITATIONSThe following e mail came to me from a gsa contractor located in southern Ca. He received the solicitation for a SEAL team.Good afternoon, Jerry,We are working on an opportunity requesting for several -40 Degree F sleeping bags. Do you know if the Ultima Thule with FTRSS or Super Light with FTRSS have a full collar? If so, could [...]

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WITCHCRAFTLayering system update from Haglöfs15/09/2022Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs has announced that its forthcoming autumn-winter collection will include “a serious update” to its LIM layering system.I can’t wait.It launched the LIM (Less Is More) concept more than 20 years ago and is now preparing to introduce LIM Z|T, describing it as a synchronized performance layering system. It features fabrics from Polartec.LMI means you wear [...]

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wiggy's bags are unique

WHY WIGGY’S BAGS ARE UNIQUEBut first I wanted to publish a comment that I received today on my u tube web site. Mike was issued a super light bag back then and he told me today several of the guys he served with are still using them. He was an officer in the US Army. [...]

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response to the nike article and other thoughts

RESPONSE TO MY REPRINT OF THE NIKE ARTICLEThe following came from a long-time customer and reader.Harry Truman liked to say, “The only things new in the world are the history you don’t know!”It seems, unless I’m mistaken, that Nike has forgotten history. If I’m correct, I recall that in the late 60s/early seventy’s Bogner made all sorts of claims about the insulated [...]

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The following article reprinted from Sportstextiles online publication. What is claimed is outrageous.Textile breakthrough can ‘protect the future of sport’, Nike says08/09/2022The vice-president for apparel innovation at Nike, Janett Nichol, has said a new material the sports company has developed, Nike Forward, is “a game-changing platform” and that it has the potential to “protect the planet and the future of sport”.The first two [...]

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