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additional info

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE NO SLEEP SLEEPING BAGSAll of the chopped staple no sleep sleeping bags have in addition to what I previously listed the ability to retain moisture.Wiggy bags are nationally or maybe even internationally know to drive moisture while in a vapor state out of our sleeping bags. the human body releases moisture in a vapor state through our [...]

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NO SLEEP SLEEPING BAGS SEEN ON THE INTERNETFor several months I have seen popups of these so sleep sleeping bags on many channels I log on to. I never see Wiggy’s bags. I guess you have to pay a fee. To some to get this to happen. I do not pay any fees.All of these different brands of no sleep [...]

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lamilite comforters

Hi Mr. Jerry,I wanted to follow up on the custom king-sized Lamilite duvet that you made for me about 2.5 weeks ago. As I mentioned in the previous emails, it was for my parents. Now that they have been able to test it for a fair amount of time, including during a cold snap here in middle Tennessee where it [...]

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colder weather testimonials

WITH THE COLDER WEATHER THE TESTIMONIALS GROWHi Jerry, Been using your sleeping bags and some clothing for several years now, loved them all. I've lived mostly in milder climates so never felt I could truly test them. Just moved north and recently experienced -5 to -15 degrees with wind chill thrown in as well. Decided to go for a walk [...]

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HOW MUCH BETTER CAN A TESTIMONIAL GETHi Jerry- your newsletter of January 2, 2024, hit the spot. That day I was out canoeing here in east central Missouri.I wore your liner vest, a liner jacket and another of your liner jackets that has the collar. Overall, this was an anorak. Paddling downstream we don’t generate much [...]

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antarctic parkas

ANTARCTIC PARKASFor the past few weeks, I have had calls for the Antarctic parka.I have relented and started accepting orders. We only have ducksback fabric in black, olive green and Wiggy blue. There are no fur ruffs available. The cost is $400.00. We also have black Nomex and the cost is $500.00.Orders for these garments is made to order [...]

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I JUST CAME ACROSS THIS ARTICLE, CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED IT.“May 10, 2021ST. PAUL, Minn. — May 10, 2021 — As part of its growing textile insulation portfolio, 3M announced it will launch a new xerogel technology insulation in the coming months. Comprised of 60% post-consumer recycled material, the new 3M™ Thinsulate™ Xerogel Insulation also showcases 3M’s ongoing commitment [...]

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WINTER SURVIVAL TECHNIQUEHi Jerry,It's the first WIGGYS DAY of 2024 here in Illinois! (The first day of the year requiring the good kit.)Well buddy, we're looking at two days of 6-12 inch snow accumulation, frigid air temps and high winds here in Iowa and Illinois. Snowmagedden for us especially those of us traveling at night on a regular basis. Wiggys Day [...]

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more stories

AND THE STORIES CONTINUE TO ARRIVEDear Wiggy,A true story about my 13-year-old grandson, Grant.He recently was invited to go “tent camping “ with two friends. They didn’t have a tent and knew I had given Grant a nice Browning tent for his birthday. I have also given my son and both grandkids Wiggys sleeping bags. That night it rained [...]

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winter essential

WINTER ESSENTIALS FOR FISHERMAN AND OTHER OUTDOOR WORKERSMen who work out of doors such as commercial fishermen are prime to be investors in Wiggy’s base layers and additional garments.Working on a fishing boat is very hard work. There is a lot to deal with besides the water but because of the water, and you sweat a lot. The boat is [...]

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