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good morning testimonials

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It is Saturday morning and when I went trough my emails the following was one of them. when you read it, you will understand why I am passionate about the products that we make at Wiggy’s especially the sleeping bags.


We have met several times over the years, and it is always a pleasure. I have been a commercial river guide in Moab (just next door) since 1990.

I heard about Wiggy's in 1996(?) and came to the factory and bought a Super Light sleeping bag. I slept one night in it and sold the two other North Face bags I had the next day.

Since then I have bought Wiggy's bags for my wife and kids. You walked my kids briefly around the factory floor a few years ago - and while they were likely too young to remember, it was a kind gesture that I will not forget. You guys were even nice enough to custom make some summer bags with no zippers for me that we use at the house as blankets regularly.

Attached is a photo of my original 25-year-old Super Light (I cannot copy and paste pictures easily, so I do not attempt to do that)- soaked with early morning dew on the Main Salmon River just two weeks ago. I slept content and comfortable all night long and it was dry enough to pack away in just a few minutes of sunshine. It has been on more trips than I can count - and it is as reliable as ever.

Thanks for making a great product, year in and year out.

I hope to get the chance to run into you again at the factory someday soon,




Quinn Hall

Reading Quinn’s experiences with the sleeping bags that Wiggy’s produces is not new to me, it just never gets old. So, Quinn thank you very much for your letter.

Later in the morning the following email was received. Joe was asking about which bag could be used in his auto and I suggested the Nautilus, however, here is his response.

Hi Jerry,

The Nautilus would be a good choice if I were to replace my Desert bag.

However, I have two of your original Slumber bags, an Ultra-Light boat foot bag, the Overbag that goes with this bag, and a Marpat Ultra-Light I bought for my son. I probably do not need any more sleeping bags for Los Angeles although I loan them to family members from time to time.

By far the most used articles I have from you are the Liner Jacket and Liner Vest. I wear them from October to April. I am 76 years old and have mild peripheral neuropathy, so they are comfortable and make the zip up Ducksback jacket even warmer on cold days. Socks, booties, balaclavas, and gloves add additional comfort.

Overall, what I like most about your products is their warmth, lightness, and ease of maintenance.

Best regards,


I do not believe I can express the feeling I develop when I read the number of products someone lets me know they have purchased and offer the reason why. So, thank you Joe.


I recently received an email from a company that has a new insulation that offers the best in their opinion vapor permeability and warm retention available. Having read their literature, I wrote to them asking about it. I also accepted their offer of receiving samples of their material. The fiberfill that they use is a chopped staple fiber. I will describe for you how they claim their product is formulated and inhibits vapor permeability. When I receive the sample, it will confirm what they are doing.

From the pictures it appears that this company has sandwiched the fiberfill with a solid material that is very thin that has holes punched in it. It is through these holes that the vapor flows, terrific, but if there is solid fabric does not it prevent the vapor from escaping, and the answer is YES! I assume they will now say the material with the holes will stop the heat from getting out of the garment, but they are wrong.

Some of the moisture will go through the holes and most of the moisture will stay in the insulation. As such, the moisture will become an absorber of your heat, if you are wearing a garment made with this product and the end result will be that you get cold.

When I receive the sample I’ll have the information necessary to tell you if I am correct.  

Wiggy's Signature

i am flattered

COPYING THE TRADE NAME LAMILITEThis morning I was reading the SGB email of which I get two per day and I saw that the lamo company is now calling their footwear lamolite.You may recall that Mountain Hardwear came out with a line of sleeping bags or I should say “no sleep sleeping bags” which proved that is how they perform [...]

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What a Customer Says

What Our Customers are Saying... Absolute Wiggys! Based not on prevailing conditions, not on the forecast, but having studied the historical weather record, for where you are/going, with the understanding that what has happened before, within the season, can and likely will happen again, or worse, records are made to be broken. Beware spring, fall, and mountains. Based on the above, [...]

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the antarctic bag

THE ANTARCTIC SLEEPING BAG“Kevin Ahl I have four of your Arctic bags and the city of Nome Alaska also purchased your bags for search and rescue Nome Volunteer Fire Department. Personally, have slept in -45 below in the arctic. You have talked to me multiple times for input on your bags. Your bags are the best in the business! [...]

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birds of a feather

SHIPPINGNormally our sales increase in August each year so our shipping slows as a result. This year I am very happy to say our sales both from the civilian marketplace and the military has been increasing earlier than what has been normal. So, I have decided to show on the website that we are looking at shipping as much [...]

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THE SUSTAINABILITY OF FABRICS?The textile world is loaded with people who have nothing to do but create problems. The latest which is not new has to do with sustain ability of fabrics. The problem that they have created follows how government works. In a nutshell government creates something and when they realize it is not working and in essance [...]

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women and testimonials

ATESTIMONIAL FROM A WOMANWhen I married my husband in 94, he introduced me to the Wiggy's bags and I have been a fan ever since. I have had the same Wiggy's bag and using it over 20 years and it is still going strong with no rips and no zipper malfunctions it pretty much looks as good as the [...]

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more bogus information

A NEW BRAND OF HUNTING APPAREL TO MEI have no knowledge of how long this company has been in business making their stuff in the USA but I do not believe they make it in Whitefish MT where their corporate headquarters are located.But I do know from the start reading their published information I fail to understand what some of what [...]

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our hypothermia bag

OUR HYPOTHERMIA BAGThe following article appeared in the Calgary CTV NEWS July 6, 2020. The incident described below took place on July 5.CALGARY -- A man, a woman and a child were pulled from a central Alberta lake and transported to hospital Sunday night after their canoe capsized.Emergency crews were called to Abraham Lake — approximately 130 kilometres southwest [...]

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and second place goes to who

A NEW ANGLE FROM A CHPPOED STAPLE FIBER PROCESSORThe New Ecodown Fibers CollectionPR Partner Press Release*Posted by Andrea Delachi | Thermore Far East | July 3, 2020Now from super puffy to ultra lightThermore entered the free fiber market with a bang in 2018 with the original Ecodown® Fibers line- the industry finally had a free fiber product that offered softness and [...]

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