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smarty textiles?

NOT SO SMART TEXTILESResearchers investigate wash ability in smart textilesMarch 9th, 2020 / By: IFAI / In the IndustryEnhancing usability of smart textiles is necessary for improved user acceptance, and wash ability is a key requirement, especially concerning textile integrated conductor tracks, a new study concludes. Those tracks, it says, “exhibit a higher level of integration into the textile [...]

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snowmobile clothing

SNOWMOBILERSJust finished a snow machine trip from Tok, AK to Dawson City, Yukon. Left Thursday and it was - 36F in Tok, - 25F in Chicken, AK 75 miles away, and in - 20s in Dawson. I wore Lamilite socks, Lamilite boots, and Mukluks. Never had cold feet for the 7-hour trip. My five friends put chemical toe warmers [...]

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taking care of yourselves.

SUMMERTIME CAMPING VACATIONSI remember in the 1940’s during and after WWII my parents as well as thousands of other parents left the cities, I lived in Brooklyn, for bungalows in the Catskill Mountains. What I did not know at that time and found out years later it was to escape the polio epidemic that seemed to occur each summer.I [...]

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ANOTHER WOULD BE SPORTING GOODS RETAILER THAT WE DO NOT NEEDDid you ever hear of a sporting goods retailer by the name of Decathlon? If the answer is no, neither did I until the past two weeks when they announced in the Sporting Goods Business online publication they were going to open stores in the USA after a trial [...]

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oregano a remarkable drug

HOW IS THIS FOR SUPPORTJust wanted to thank you for the prompt shipping and excellent customer service on my recent order. I was so pleased with my experience with the FTRSS Overbag that I went ahead and ordered a super light bag to go along with it. (Without even having slept in the first bag). Confident based on [...]

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the 50 year scam

ANOTHER PART OF THE GORETEX SCAMWhen gore started selling the goretex they professed the fabric laminated to the film was now waterproof and breathable (not that it is true), but the garments had seams. The seams had to be seam taped to keep the outside rainwater from getting into the garment. Here is where the next part of the scam [...]

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not so smart people making "smart textiles"?

IS LAUNDERING A PROBLEM?Researchers explore washability of smart textiles 27/02/2020Exploring the challenges surrounding the laundering of smart textiles, a recent article published in the Journal of the Textile Institute analysed the effect of textile substrates and washing factors (including time, temperature and mechanical action) on the reliability of conductor tracks. Achieving wider use of smart textiles, according to the abstract, [...]

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more offerings by the uneducated

A CLEAR EXAMPLE OF THE UNEDUCATED MILITARY PERSONNELThe following information was sent to me as it was received by one of the GSA contractors who sells my products.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[20x Downed cold weather sleeping bags at least rated at 0 degrees or below 0 - sleeping bags can be in any color Attributes: high value insulation, compressibility, light weight, and ample interior spaceAlpine Sleeping Bags [...]

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lets commit suicide

LET US TRY TO COMMIT SUICIDEI read the following article in online issue of the UK magazine “Sportstextiles”. Graphene-infused mimic insulation: less bulk in rugged terrain Outdoor brand Haglöfs has developed a graphene-infused mimic insulation, which will be used in products intended for deep trekking into rugged, cold terrain and for high mountain assents.According to the company, graphene is [...]

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WHO OWNS WHO?If you read the article, I linked to on Saturday you read that a Korean company Youngone is the majority owner of outdoor research. I quote;“Outdoor Research has been majority-owned by Youngone since2014 (though the company wouldn’t confirm whether it manufactures at KSI); KSI is the factory owned by Youngone and they make footwear and apparel”.Did outdoor research [...]

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