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hypo bag

OUR HYPOTHERMIA BAGToday I received a call from an Army member who works search and rescue in Oregon. He wanted to know the temperature rating for the hypothermia bag.I told him we use the L-12 Lamilite that we use in our 20 degree Ultra-Light sleeping bag, but he had to understand the victim could be in a summer situation [...]

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alliance for american manufacturers

ALLIANCE FOR AMERICAN MANUFACTURINGA few weeks ago, I received an email from Mathew Heller at the Alliance asking if I would allow him to interview me for his organization; www.americanmanufacturing.org to which I responded yes. The following article Matt wrote and put on his blog. This is the first interview of me that the writer correctly wrote what he heard.A [...]

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smarts in the outdoor industry do not exist

Wiggy's Standard Ground PadAfter using my Wiggy's pad over the past winter, through spring and now midway through the summer here in the Northeastern U.S., I feel that I've used it enough and under a wide enough variety of conditions, to be able write an honest review. I bought the Wiggy's pad based on my experience with their sleeping bags. They're [...]

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fool hearty investment

A FOOL HARDY INVESTMENT [MY OPINION]I saw the following article on the SBG web site that I receive daily. The information alluded to in the article about SolarCore insulation is as mythical in its ability to insulate as goretex is able to breathe. The incredible amount of money invested in the Oros company based upon their theoretical insulation SolarCore [...]

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the benefit of good fortune

GETTING LUCKYI know that Wiggy’s has experienced some lucky activity. It has come in the way of the products that we produce.I was lucky when companies that existed in the late 60’s and so on chose not to listen and learn about fiberfill for insulation for use in sleeping bags. Of course, the insulation I am referring to is continuous filament [...]

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MORE TESTIMONIALSJust returned from a research trip way down south where the avg daily temp is still neg. 30. I took along my new ducks back artic parka, mittens, and head gear. I experienced a lot of physical hard work and was worried about sweating in my gear and freezing. I was properly layered with other Wiggy’s gear and never experienced [...]

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new video

NEW VIDEO ON HOME PAGEI was interviewed yesterday by a company that is highlighting MADE IN AMERICA companies.Since he lives in Colorado, he chose to start out with Wiggy’s.I hope you enjoy it.

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another liar from britian

THE WORLD OF A LIE IN THE TEXTILE BUSINESSBobby Gore and his father Bill opened the door for the longest running lie in the textile business ever. Why is it going on for over 50 years now is because it makes money? On a weekly basis I see another company whether it is a supplier as is the Celgard [...]

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shirt jackets

Wilde Geist Jerry you are a Legend and a Hero. I think it was my first day at Charlie Company 3/75 Ranger in 1986 after coming back from getting my fancy TA-50 for SOCOM my Sergeant stressed the importance of taking care of use of [...]

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Fire Retardant Outerwear Special

ONE MORE TALE FOR ME TO HAVE RECEIVED Jerry, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your standard ground pad (28" x 72"). Given the thickness of the pad, I wouldn't think it could insulate as well as it does, or be as comfortable as it is, but it does both better and at half the [...]

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