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testimonials and a redo

MORE TESTIMONIALSThese Insulate My Hands Well In 3 Configurations, From 32°F To Well Below.I use these for all-purpose winter outings, wearing the liners with a pair of simple homemade mitt covers when I'm active from 32°F to ~0°. When my hands are not active but in that range, or when I am active in bitter cold below it, I'll use [...]

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10 percent saving on sleeping bags

WIGGY’S CELEBRATES THE MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAYStarting today and extending until Memorial Day at mid-night all Wiggy’s bags will be sold at a 10 percent discount.So, if you have always wanted to own a Wiggy’s bag now is your chance. If you wanted to increase your collection of Wiggy’s bags now is your chance.With the costs of all of the materials we [...]

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THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WAS PUBLISHED ON THE REI WEB SITE AND WHEEN I LOOKED FOR IT YESTERDAY IT WAS GONE. EDUCATE YOURSELVESUnderstanding Flame Retardants in Camping and Backpacking TentsVIK SAHNEY|APRIL 26, 2016Last week, researchers from Duke University published a study co-sponsored by REI on flame retardant treatments in camping tents.It just takes a few minutes to email your representatives and make [...]

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Another Dangerous Tent

Dear Purchase Manager of Wiggy's, Good day. We are glad to recommend below popular products to you for SS23, 1:the six sides for five person is a great item, big space, fit able for family. Best Regards Nicky Eldi Outdoor Enterprise Ltd. The above solicitation I received today is from a Chinese company. Please note if you already haven’t the tent [...]

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what were they thinking

DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RENT A SLEEPING BAG?Today I read an article published in SBG that a retailer, Moosejaw is or has started a rental program of outdoor equipment; packs, tents and sleeping bags. You can rent these and maybe more items for a weekend or a week or longer I suppose.If you have never camped and want to [...]

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wiggy's the only bag manufacturer

expensive polyester sleeping bags made in america Caribou [...]

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happy customers and a ridiculous solicitation

WHAT I KEEP READING FROM HAPPY CUSTOMERS KEEP ME GOINGI have been a customer of Wiggys for quite some time now and we even spoke in the past (more than 10 years ago). After all these years I still can say you make the finest cold weather gear in the world. It keeps you warm and wears like iron [...]

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more experiences

MORE EXPERIENCES I WILL NOT HAVESlept out in my double bag last night near the Arctic Circle, plus 15-degrees so no problem. Going to buy another bag that doesn’t zip together, XL long and wide instead the regular size (way too tight). Vest working well, wear it on patrol all the time. Wore Wiggy’s mittens last night to keep my [...]

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keep working

Still Going the Slumber bagI was going to write a testimonial but saw I had one already there from 2020. So let me add to it I use it here in Oklahoma almost every night in my house year round unless its twenty or below and then i go to the superlight. I turn down the thermostat at night [...]

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keep singing the same tune

THEY KEEP ON SINGING THE SAME TUNENorthwest River Supplies (NRS), a manufacturer of paddlesports equipment and apparel, introduces dry wear developed in partnership with Gore-Tex and built with Gore-Tex Pro materials.[As read in SGB online publication.]Please note that the is article based upon the manufacture’s literature states the apparel is dry wear and is made with goretex pro. I [...]

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