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want warm hands

DO YOU WANT COLD HANDS?It has been a while since I heard, read anything about eVent “waterproof breathable” [BS as we know it] but today I read the following quip about their new product.“Membrane technology developer eVent has said it enjoyed a return to in-person events at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver last month was looking forward to [...]

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34 YEARS AND COUNTINGThe day after Labor Day 1988 Wiggy’s at 7 AM Kok opened the doors to start production. He will repeat that tomorrow morning.Back then we were making what amounted to 38,200 [no sleep sleeping bags] for the forestry fire fighters and very few Wiggy’s bags. Once we finished the government contract Wiggy’s was on its own. Those [...]

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follow up to cooling vest

Hi Jerry,When I was in Israel, we saw Bedouins who wore layers of garments in the desert. I can't remember the correct explanation but it seems to me that the guide said that the multiple layers cooled them better, protected them from the sun and kept them from drying out. Something like that anyway. Most of them [...]

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cooling vest?

COOLING VESTSToday I read an article about cooling vests from a stay cool vest company.They make a pouch on each side of the vest that you insert a packet that has to be frozen. These packets on average will last 3 hours I was told when I spoke with them. Then you would have to go home and get [...]

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rain poncho

Affordable Rain Gear That WorksTook it for a test in a healthy rainstorm. Had more than enough room for my small backpack under it. Took a two-mile hike and decided this is great. Definitely prefer this for a poncho over the various plastic/ vinyl types. Beats my sweat inducing shareman’s rain jacket. Another new favorite piece of gear.RICHARD GROSSThank you, Richard for [...]

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hypo bag

OUR HYPOTHERMIA BAGToday I received a call from an Army member who works search and rescue in Oregon. He wanted to know the temperature rating for the hypothermia bag.I told him we use the L-12 Lamilite that we use in our 20 degree Ultra-Light sleeping bag, but he had to understand the victim could be in a summer situation [...]

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alliance for american manufacturers

ALLIANCE FOR AMERICAN MANUFACTURINGA few weeks ago, I received an email from Mathew Heller at the Alliance asking if I would allow him to interview me for his organization; www.americanmanufacturing.org to which I responded yes. The following article Matt wrote and put on his blog. This is the first interview of me that the writer correctly wrote what he heard.A [...]

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smarts in the outdoor industry do not exist

Wiggy's Standard Ground PadAfter using my Wiggy's pad over the past winter, through spring and now midway through the summer here in the Northeastern U.S., I feel that I've used it enough and under a wide enough variety of conditions, to be able write an honest review. I bought the Wiggy's pad based on my experience with their sleeping bags. They're [...]

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fool hearty investment

A FOOL HARDY INVESTMENT [MY OPINION]I saw the following article on the SBG web site that I receive daily. The information alluded to in the article about SolarCore insulation is as mythical in its ability to insulate as goretex is able to breathe. The incredible amount of money invested in the Oros company based upon their theoretical insulation SolarCore [...]

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the benefit of good fortune

GETTING LUCKYI know that Wiggy’s has experienced some lucky activity. It has come in the way of the products that we produce.I was lucky when companies that existed in the late 60’s and so on chose not to listen and learn about fiberfill for insulation for use in sleeping bags. Of course, the insulation I am referring to is continuous filament [...]

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