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old and new

COMMENTS ABOUT THE NEW AND THE OLDGreat Sleeping Bag.This sleeping bag is good stuff - purchased to replace a useless Coleman bag. I've used this one at Palo Duro Canyon State Park and Big Bend State Park so far, both in the dead of winter with ice storms, and have been very pleased with it. The zipper is robust - [...]

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wiggy's bags and mukluks

WIGGY BAGS AND MUKLUKSHello Wiggy, I have a story for you.I read your recent testimonials. I recall when I first learned of your products. I had begun dog driving in Arizona (mushing is the other descriptor) in 1995. One supplier of sled dog equipment only sold Wiggy’s sleeping bags. Sorry, do not recall the supplier name, [...]

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WE ARE COLD COUNTRY NOWFrom The 80s ?I've had the bibs since from the 80s, I think. not really sure but I am sure they still work. we’re having our latest winter storm here in eastern Oklahoma minus 4 with wind chill minus 25 F and 8 inches of snow and combined with the Antarctic parka I have [...]

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socks, over boots and sunwalkers

LAMILITE SOCKSAfter putting these socks (13 inch) thru their paces - long pheasant hunts - stand sits for deer hunting - 60F to 10F - I am a firm believer in the quality and functionality of these socks. They keep your feet warm and dry and when you take them off, they air dry in 10minutes! Thanks, Jerry, for [...]

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FIREFIGHTERS FOE: TOXIC GEARThe above title for this article is the headline of an article that appeared in the N.Y Times and picked up by the Baltimore Sun in their January 31 edition.The fire fighter gear today and for the past 30 years has been made from fabrics that are flame retardant treated. We know that the flame retardant [...]

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OPEN SALES TO ENGLAND ARE NOW SUSPENDEDDuring the past 6 weeks we have shipped orders to the United Kingdom only to get the payments charged back. The amount involved exceeded $2000.00.I have made the decision that ALL orders coming from the United Kingdom will have to be paid via a wire transfer.We have had many orders since our inception 33 years [...]

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two testimonials

TWO TESTIMONIALS FROM THE SAME PERSON IN ONE DAYAPPRECIATEDFor a brisk long walk in cold conditions, a simple tee-shirt with my Wiggy's Sweater is wonderful exercise wear. If I'm exerting myself and it's no colder than perhaps 25 degrees F, I can forget layering with this combination. Just zip up to start, and drop the zipper as needed after a while [...]

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Becoming a Wiggy's Bag Owner in the Weirdest Way Possible

Dear Wiggy’s Enthusiasts, This is the story of how I became a Wiggy’s bag owner in the weirdest way imaginable. Recently I was in the geographic middle-of-nowhere desert with my metal detector and [...]

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fraud and a wonderfol story

THE FOOLISH SEARCH FOR INSULATIONS CONTINUES!!!Gold nanoparticles dry Allied’s down faster28/01/2021US based Allied Feather + Down is using BioTech’s gold nanoparticle technology for a faster drying down insulation. I guess allied has not had any success selling down that has had water repellent chemicals applied to the down, so they are trying “gold nanoparticles”. Not true, but they [...]

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another wonderful story

I finally got it rightANOTHER WONDERFUL STORYI just returned home from 10days of primitive woods camping and my Wiggys bag and booties were a blessing once again.Temperatures dropped and chilling winds with light rain never affected my night sleep. In fact, the pad performance beat out those that had wool blankets under and over their [...]

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