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Deaf Ear Retailers

RETAILERS HAVE DEAF EARS With regards to the article I published on Tuesday which was originally published and mailed to my customers I have some thoughts. I am sure Marathon Rubber Company salespeople at all levels shared the information in this article when they first published it with all of their customers. but, in my opinion their customers listened with deaf ears. [...]

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Why the Military Gets Crap All of the Time

The First Article I Ever Published I received this article from a customer in January 1992 and decided to publish it since it correctly said what I knew about Goretex but could not put into words. Today I received in the mail two old catalogs from a customer with all of the literature that was sent with [...]

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a new form of testimonial

A NEW FORM OF TESTIMONIALHi Jerry,I’ve been spreading “the word” since I’ve had so much success with your products. I’ve been to your shop twice now. A good buddy of mine from Bozeman, Montana was looking for warm outerwear that he could using during scouting trips. I recommended your Ducksback sweater. He’s an expert outdoorsman and extreme hiker. I [...]

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BRINGING PRODUCTION BACK INTO THE USA?I have broached this subject in the past. I just do not believe textile manufacturing will come back to the USA for several reasons.We have not had much of a textile manufacturing base for 30 or 40 years. That means all of the young people over this time period who might have been exposed to [...]

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the making of pure b/s

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE NEWEST OF TECHNOLOGIESSuddenly we have available to us new technologies from companies serving the outdoor marketplace; is it possible? NO, it is just companies making a concerted effort to sway the general public into thinking that they have once again found something that will cause the unsuspecting to waste their money on these [...]

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an interesting testimonial

AN INTERESTING TESTIMONIALI AM RESPONDING TO CHRISTOPHER IN CAPITALS.Jerry, I placed an order for the centerline zip bag bivy late last night (and suffering instant gratification syndrome) I want to use it and post a review I see sadly lacking. THANK YOU, CHRISTOPHER, FOR DOING THAT. I have a few questions the internet pundits have posted blatant lies in [...]

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taking care of the earth and testimonials.

DON’T I JUST LOVE THESE TESTIMONIALSWiggy,I got my hat. Thanks for the autograph. I'm not much of a hat person, but this one is comfortable, and I'll wear it.When the mailman delivered it, I told him what it was, and he said "Wiggys?"I told him you made the shrink-wrapped ejection seat survival packs for the air force,and being [...]

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no planned obsolescence

SUSTAINMENT OF AN OUTDOOR PRODUCTBut first some testimonials and an interesting recollection.Bob is a longtime customer and I have posted his comments for years.Thank you again, Bob.“Well...I sent my sweater back to you after 15+ years of continual use and probably 35 washings and all you needed to do is put in a new zipper...wore it again tonight. That to me is sustainability...Bob”------------------------------------------------$--------------------------------------------------FIELD [...]

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a healthy planet

THE HEALTH OF OUR PLANET?But first a late arriving testimonial. Hello Jerry & Team Wiggys,I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for creating such incredible thoughtfully designed products. Specifically, the Lamilite socks which I received from my father as a Christmas gift this year. I have been a skier for 25+ years and as [...]

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FOLLOWUP ON MY COMPLAINT TO THE INSPECTOR GENERAL AT SOLDIER SYSTEMS COMMAND IN QUANTICO, VA. ABOUT THE MUKLUK FIASCOI wrote today asking for an update on the report. What follows is the response.Good afternoon sir,I apologize if you have received several emails from me. I am currently out of the office on official travel and connectivity is not the best.We [...]

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