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marine corp foolishness

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE WAS SENT TO ME AND IT WAS TAKEN FROM MILITARY. COM WEB SITE.Marine Corps equipment officials are looking for new extreme cold weather gear for combat units training to fight in subzero Arctic conditions.Starting in late February, Marine Corps Systems Command began looking at the commercial cold weather gear market for new trigger finger mittens, base-layer long [...]

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ecotat and socks

THE ECOTAT MULTIPURPOSE SHELTERThe ECOTAT All Grown Up.Back in the late '80s, while serving in the Army and stationed in West Germany, I purchased what was then called an ECOTAT shelter. The versatility was amazing, and much better than the issued poncho, and definitely better than a shelter half. As a poncho (long coat), it provided coverage down to my calves. No [...]

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Dressing for the Cold & Sleeping in the Snow?! Wiggy's Sleeping Bag Bikini Test

Dressing for the Cold Normally when someone sends me an email saying they submitted a testimonial I will publish the testimonial and not their email. But in this case, I have chosen to publish the email because it mentions the parkas Kent purchased and returned. He did not mention them in his testimonial, but I thought [...]

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gullible government employees

HOW EASILY THE GOVERNMENT CAN BE SWAYED Years ago, they were swayed into the gore material and it has been a boom for gore and a waste of tax-payer’s dollars. After gore they went for the primaloft story which started in about 1993 and I believe has ended. Two or so years ago an agency I believe in either Virginia or Maryland “awarded” [...]

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praise for the wiggy employees

PRAISE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT WIGGY’SUnmatched QualityI'm new to Wiggy's products but can say without a doubt that I've never seen another manufacturer match the quality of components or construction of these sleeping bags. I have a Hunter Ultra-Light bag and it's the most comfortable and well- constructed bag I've ever seen. I opted for a standard, unhooded model but [...]

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SHARING INFORMATION ABOUT USE OF WIGGY’S PRODUCTSHello Mr. Wigutow,I have been a customer of yours since 2013. Prior to that, I have used several different products as an Eagle Scout and a Flight Paramedic and none of them match the quality or performance of your products. To start, I have your all-purpose summer bag which travels [...]

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older testimonials

OLDER TESTIMONIALS FROM THE LATE 1980’S AND 1990’SIn the age before computers, I would often receive written letters and testimonials by mail. If you'd like to read those, click the link below. VIEW OLDER TESTIMONIALS ›Actually, you would have to click on testimonials on the home page. Then you can click on view older testimonials.They are listed according to dates [...]

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for insulation to work it has to be dense

DENSE INSULATION BUT FIRSTI only have four different items of Outerwear/Clothing from clothing, and they cover all of the bases here where I live in the Pacific Northwest. I spend a lot of time outside in the weather doing yard work. Rain or shine, warm or cold, I start with the FISHNET shirt. It keeps me [...]

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apparently there is no end to companies wanting to make w-p

THE LINER VESTLove MineFinally Got one ... Superb, Light, Warm and Well made. America!– HAKHak; what more can you sayThanks, WiggyFantastic AccessoryDirectly comparing the Wiggy vest to a heavyweight fleece vest the Wiggy's vest is about the same thickness, lighter, much warmer, more durable with its nylon outer layers, and MUCH more breathable. In other words, it's superior in [...]

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testimonials i just love them

MUKLUKSI find aspects I would change or improve on nearly every product I purchase. Here, however, is a piece of outdoor gear with which I can find no fault. For me, Wiggy’s Mukluks are perfect. This deer season, hunting from tree stands, I combined Lamilite socks, Sunwalkers, and Wiggy’s Mukluks. I wore no regular boots. Now, you won’t want to [...]

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