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heart warming letters and a jerk.

THE ACCOUNTS COMING TO ME ABOUT THE USE OF MY PRODUCTS IS HEART WARMINGHi Jerry. We just had a pretty wicked snowstorm come through here last night (NW Illinois). Getting home from work last night at 2300 was as dicey as it has been in a long time. Since it was still snowing when I got home, [...]

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CONSCIOUSNESSWhat Is Consciousness? Scientists Compete to Find OutI saw this headline on a news outlet on the internet. I read about 25 percent and realized the article was no longer of value, so I looked in the Ayn Rand Lexicon for her definition of consciousness which I did not completely recall. My opinion is the scientists from around the [...]

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black dots

Columbia like the north face and every other company that has outerwear made for them in Asia wants to make a hit with the consumers with cold weather outerwear. The following is Columbia’s latest and greatest entry in the field.Columbia introduces ‘heat magnet’ textile to the outdoors market.January 1st, 2021 / By: IFAI / Swatches.Columbia Sportswear has launched its new Omni-Heat™ [...]

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lamilite socks and head cover and more

LAMILITE SOCKS AND HEAD COVERLAMILITE SOCKSUnlike regular socks they always feel dry on the inside. The water leaving your skin by sweating and vapor diffusion is rapidly pulled away by the Lamilite. They arrive from the factory nearly odor-free, smelling only of clean nylon fabric. I can’t explain why they don’t become funky with use. I wore them for three [...]

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the lamilite sweater

THE BEST JACKET WIGGY’S HAS EVER MADEAfter 5 years with my first Wiggy's Sweater, I decided that it's the most important piece of outer-wear I own. So I recently purchased a 2nd Sweater. For me this lightweight easy-to-wear garment is too important to have only one on hand. The Ducksback outer shell is a nice improvement. It is a little stiff [...]

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the best way to start dressing for the cold

DRESSING FOR BOW HUNTINGThis past week a new customer told me he was a bow hunter in the humid S.E., specifically, Mississippi. He said in the 30-to 40-degree F temperature range it was not so cold except because of the humidity it would penetrate his clothing.I explained to him his enemy was his own sweat and that was causing [...]

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The First Testimonial About the Wind Shirt and a Picture of Cookie

Hi Jerry, Your Ducksback wind shirts work extremely well. I have three of them in different colors. Today I ran five miles in 25° weather with just fishnets underneath and I was comfortable. Never could have done this with goretex and down. I wear the wind shirts indoors as well as I keep my house on [...]

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the truth admitted by gore

The following two articles were published in 1998. I will be publishing additional articles from that period of time as well. Gore continues in business selling this bogus product even though it has never worked.GORE ADMITS GORETEX DOESN’T WORKSporting Goods Business, December 15, 1997, issue has an article about W.L. Gore introducing a water-repellent treatment. A similar article [...]

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what is becoming a common comment about lamilite

December 27, 2020HUNTING LAMILITE - Field ReportThis is a follow-up to my letter of September 13th. I’ve since added the Insulated Head Cover, Super Mittens, and Liner Jacket.The 2020 deer season, my 56th, is now complete.It makes me sick to think of how much money I wasted over the years on hunting gear that didn’t work. Coarse wool, fine wool, goose [...]

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testimonials and facts

EXCELLENT PRODUCT REVIEW AND NEW INFORMATION AS TO WHY GORTEX AND THE LIKE FAILWiggy, I'd like to share yet another experience with your O* Super Light rectangular bag with hood. I've known for years that I can count on your bags to be warm at their advertised temperature ratings, unlike other bags I've used, but I had an experience a [...]

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