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one more smart fabric

Smart fabric helps the body heal itselfAdvanced Textiles, Markets | June 1, 2023[Socks developed by Supreme Corp. are worn by Indian Special Forces soldiers to alleviate pain in their feet and leg muscles. The soldiers at times carry a 65-pound backpack at an elevation of 19,000 feet.]I find the above comment a stretch. I am aware that the Indian [...]

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response and a kayak misadventure

Response to ALONE article from one readerWhat follows is our conversation.-From: John Williamson Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2023 5:45 PM To: Wiggys <wiggys@Wiggys.com> Subject: Re: Wiggy's News & Commentary › my legacy What we need is a Wiggy equipped survival show.On Sun, Jun 18, 2023, 7:03 PM Wiggy's Inc. <wiggys@wiggys.com> wrote:On Sun, Jun 18, 2023, 8:09 PM John Williamson <wrote:Production costs on these [...]

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my legacy

What Our Customers are Saying...Your Legacy Will Live OnJerry, I thoroughly enjoyed your latest chapter. Your clothing line has made a huge difference in my life and I'm sure thousands of other folks would say the same thing. Even my dog Tank, a pit bull mix, has benefited from your Lamilite jacket. He used to shiver uncontrollably in the [...]

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FINAL INVENTORY OF WHAT I RECEIVED BACK FROM THE ALASKA STOREWe have done a complete inventory of the Nomex parkas and bibs all with reflective tape.We also have Supplex and Ducksback Antarctic parkas and some bibs.They will be listed on the website where they originally appeared for purchasing. The quantities available will be noted and as items are sold the [...]

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Alone Watching last night, I saw two others using a Wiggy’s bag aside from Jodie. The guy from Hawaii and the guy from Ga. The chances of one of these three people winning using a Wiggy’s bag would be terrific. I was also informed that one guy was using a snowy owl a down bag and was never warm. I [...]

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thermal imaging

THERMAL IMAGINGCameras that take pictures of unseen heat are called thermal imaging cameras.About 30 years ago a magazine, Northern Pilot located in Anchorage Alaska did an experiment using a thermal imaging camera.They bought airplane engine covers from I believe four companies, Wiggy’s included. They started the engines to heat them up in an unheated hanger during I believe January. After [...]

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jodi rose

I took your sleeping bag on History Channel's Alone season 10 and it saved my life. Thank you. Jodi Rose On May 31, 2023, I received the above email from Jodi and I wrote back asking if she would tell me more and the following is what she wrote.Jodi Rose 45, [...]

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the fallacy of aerogel

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE I HAVE REPRINTED FROM SPECIALTY FABRICS REVIEWTHE CONTENT COMES FROM OUTLAST TECHNOLOGIES GmbH MUNICH, GERMANYMy comments will appear in italics.Outlast Technologies GmbH in Munich, Germany, has patented the procedure to adhere aerogel to nonwovens, enabling materials as thin as 1–3 mm to be well insulated and still soft and flexible. The treated fabrics, sold under the name Aersulate®, [...]

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military folks give testimony and the nba

Everything Thing He Designs Works.I've been rocking Wiggy’s gear since 1999. Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq 2 tours. His ultimate Thule that I purchased saved my situation in wildflicken, Germany during a frozen training mission. The issued bag at the time was a Korean War Era goose down mummy bag. So glad I had and have my Wiggy’s gear. It's designed [...]

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Extreme Weather Account

The following email comes from a customer giving me an account of her being out in extreme weather where she lives in Canada.I have chosen to leave her questions about a future purchase, then her story. When you read it, you will understand why she has come back to me for additional products. All questions were answered.Hi!I am [...]

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