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chuck yeager

Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrierThe documentary is showing on the Smithsonian channel. They started showing it on the 12th and I saw it complete last night at 9 pm. This documentary is more a story about Chuck [I can say Chuck since I had the opportunity to meet him and gave him a tour of my factory in [...]

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A CHARACTER?I’m 70 years old and have hunted in some of the most inhospitable places in the United States. I own thousands of dollars’ worth of hunting clothing including kuiu, Sitka, Kings Camo, and many others. When it gets really cold, I go to my Wiggy's clothing. Jerry, the owner of Wiggy's is a character, but he worth listening to because [...]

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number 2

WILL THEY EVER GET IT RIGHT? #2Wiggy,I just read your article on will they ever get it right. This is a testimonial to you. I just received a close out Alaska Range Parka in Olive Drab, all I have to say is wow!! I purchased an original of the above and it was the one with two snap [...]

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will they ever get it right

WILL THEY EVER GET IT RIGHT?It seems forever that I read about various companies in their opinion improving their product. I take that as an admission the product they have been selling is not right. If it were why do they have to improve it?The three most prominent companies that I have read in the past but no longer [...]

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a wonderful letter

A WONDERFUL LETTERDear Jerry, I have enough of your gear that I could start a small store, but seriously I wanted you to know something, I had bought my first sleeping bag from you over 12 years ago and have written to you about my adventures all over the world with your sleeping bag and jackets etc. But I [...]

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lets endanger the troops

ENDANGERING THE TROOPS, IN THIS CASE SEALSA customer of mine who does business as a supplier to the government [GSA contractor] sent to me the following solicitation so I could offer my products that meet the requirements.This is what they want for the sleeping bag: If you could let me know what your specs are I will attach those to [...]

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honesty in the textile business

THE STORY OF AN OLD WIGGY BAGI dragged out my 20 year old 20 degree square Hunter bag without a hood for a camping trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. The temperature was in the mid to high 20's at night with freezing rain and snow. I was sleeping in a light tent and had a Wiggy's ground [...]

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finished goods inventory

MORE INVENTORY OF PARKAS, VESTS, AND JACKETSKok has given me our inventory of finished DUCKSBACK garments. For those of you who were intending to buy one of these garments and were disappointed when we decided to end production now is your chance.ANTARCTIC PARKA [L-12 LAMILITE] $415.001 small blue1 medium black, 1 tan, 1 blue3 large blue, 4 od [olive green], 1 [...]

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unfinished inventory

BALANCE OF DUCKSBACK JACKET INVENTORYKok gave me a list of remaining garment shells waiting to be finished. I am listing what we have left for our existing customers to have first opportunity to buy. Whatever does not sell will then be published on the web site. All garments will be sold at the original prices. The only way to order [...]

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Former Nestle Water Brand BlueTriton Faces Lawsuit Alleging False SUSTAINABILITY ClaimsBerkley, California based Earth Island filed the lawsuit with the District of Columbia Court Tuesday Aug 31, 2021.They must have 15 different brands, and prices but one quality of water.There are two problems that we know of, first is the plastic water bottles being thrown away and the second is far [...]

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